Why Controlled Watering Systems Is a Must for Campuses

A garden is a must for every campus, college and university.  Gardens gives these institution a much more lively and respected vibe because everything looks a lot fresher and healthier when you have a beautiful garden.  Students also need a beautiful garden space to help them deal with stress and to give them somewhere to relax and get a bit of fresh air during break times.  But gardens cost a lot of money and they do take a lot of time and effort to keep up if you don’t have the right watering system and the right type of plants.  Perth TLC services & irrigation is just what every campus, university and college needs because this fantastic company comes out to the institution to access and calculate the exact watering needs for lawns, trees and flower beds.  They can then install a completely hands free watering system that automatically waters these gardens when student’s aren’t on the institution grounds.

Why Controlled Watering Systems Is a Must for Campuses

They save a lot of money

These controlled watering systems save a lot of money because no water is wasted when plants are watered.  The systems only provide the needed amount of water on a daily or bi-daily basis depending on your garden’s watering needs.  You also save a lot of money on hand labor since no one is needed to water plants and lawns.

These systems save time

The systems are terrific for saving time because with timed and calculated irrigation you can give less water more frequently which will enable the garden to dry off before study times.  You also save a lot of time since everything is completely automatic and does not even need the push of a button or water timing to work.

Better care for your plants and lawn

Plants and lawns flourish when they are given just enough water on a daily or bi-daily basis.  These watering systems are designed to give just enough water to encourage good and strong growth without causing root rotting due to too much moisture. Your plants will never wilt and the systems can be adjusted according to the seasons needs to compensate for high and low rainfall seasons.

Consider a borehole on campus

A borehole can be a great idea for any campus.  If your college or university has their own borehole you never have to struggle with faltering water pressure when the town or city watering systems aren’t up to speed.  You can also provide gardens with more natural, chlorine free water that is great for boosting stronger and healthier plant growth since there are fewer chemicals in natural water and plants actually need untreated water since they flourish on all of the natural metals and plant materials found in natural water.  An onsite borehole can also save you a lot of money in the long run because you will pay a lot less for watering rights than you will pay for water usage on the property.  Borehole systems do however need a rather large startup investment because you will require a pump, tank and other accessories for your borehole.

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