Which field of study appeals to you?

Studying further is a privilege and an informed decision should be made about the field of study that you choose to pursue. There are various methods of determining where your interests lie. You could complete various internships or just research a few career options to narrow down your choices. A lot of students decide on a career path that they think is ideal for them but turns out not to be. This could lead to a financial loss and a lot of time wasted. For this reason it is important that you choose the right field of study that is both realistic and something you can pursue all the way. If you are not that keen on studying further after school you can look at becoming an entrepreneur. There are various options available for you that will not cost a fortune to get started for example becoming a specialist in pest control. There are now revolutionary and less intrusive products available for example http://pestkilled.com/dynatrap-review/ that will give you the upper hand when marketing your services. Complete a couple of career tests here to aid in your decision.

Which field of study appeals to you?

If you have a knack for numbers you might want to look at one of the best and most lucrative fields of study, accounting and financial, read more about it. With a career in the financial industry there are various diplomas or certifications you could select for example:

  • Registered Tax Practitioner

Tax season occurs every year and for this reason there is always a huge demand for tax practitioners. Completing individual or business taxes is quite an intricate process and for that reason industries and individuals prefer to have a licensed practitioner complete their taxes annually. This type of practice will require you to be registered as a tax practitioner with your national tax governing body.

  • Certified Junior Bookkeeper

This field of study allows is a shorter course and with a nationally recognized certificate you will be able to fill various duties as a professional junior bookkeeper. You will be able to handle payroll functionalities at businesses and also have access to financial statements and transactions done by individuals and businesses. Once a diploma is received you will be considered as a registered junior bookkeeper.

  • Certified Technical Financial Accountant

When obtaining this diploma you will have full accountancy rights, in other words your main duties will involve handling the accountancy side of Closed Corporations or individuals that require your services. You will most probably be employed as an Accounting Officer, this direction of study will include various software packages and more detail on income and expenditure, balancing financial statements and just about everything in relation to accounting. This is also a Certified Diploma.

There are so many fields of study to choose from, find something that you are good at but also something that you enjoy. Everyone chooses a sometimes unrealistic career path when they are young, who knows, perhaps you still want to be a nurse or a fireman as a grown up. The decision should be yours and not influenced by anyone else. This is your future and the path you take will have to be walked by you.

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