Ways Students Can Deal With Anxiety

We all know how anxiety can be very bad for our bodies and hence it needs to be dealt with. There are many causes of anxiety the main cause being stress. In some cases anxiety can be caused as a result of some medications though that is rare. In some case anxiety is like a mental problem such as a panic disorder.  Anxiety is notorious for causing irritable bowel syndrome among other conditions. It can lead to insomnia, restlessness, makes the body less resistant to diseases and in extreme cases it can even cause death. Luckily, anxiety can be dealt with. Some of the ways on how to overcome anxiety include:

Ways Students Can Deal With Anxiety

Mindfulness and Meditation

This is one of the ways that has been used to deal with anxiety and has proven to be successful. Since anxiety is more of a mental problem, mindfulness and mediation helps us to be aware of our thoughts, find the source of the stress and how it can be solved. It therefore helps us to be at peace with our selves since we get a chance to connect with ourselves.


Exercise is a good way to distress reducing on the stress levels. Stress also aids in the release of cortisol the feel good hormone which can help us feel good about ourselves once again.


There are those who opt for antidepressants. In most cases those who go for anti-depressants are those who suffer from anxiety due to a medical condition. If you opt to seek medical intervention, you will be given antidepressants. They help in reducing stress levels and also inducing sleep which can help in dealing with anxiety. You should however note that long-term use of antidepressants may lead to an addiction which may not be very healthy.

Eat balanced diet

Our diet has much more effect on our bodies than we may imagine. The kinds of foods we eat may affect our mood and happiness. Eating a healthy diet therefore is a good way of dealing with anxiety. T is advisable to eat lots of vegetables and whole foods for constant supply of energy and enough fiber in the body.


There are a lot of therapies that can be used to deal with depression and anxiety.  Talking to someone and letting your heart out is also good therapy of dealing with anxiety.


As much as most people don’t know about it, it is one of the effective ways of dealing with depression and anxiety. Luckily there are many institutions that are currently offering that and there you will be guided on what to do.


Having enough sleep is therapy on its own. It’s advisable to have at least eight hours of sleep if possible. Most of the time lack of sleep is a major cause of anxiety. Sleep helps our bodies and mind to rejuvenate which ensures optimum performance.

Concentrate on the good

Concentrating on the good and ignoring the bad can help us to be less stressed.

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