Travelling for Students

As a student in college it can be tough to travel with the financial restraints. But with summer around the corner, most students look explore the world and broaden their horizon while of course enjoying themselves. We have a few tips for you that will help you travel on a budget.

Travelling for Students

  1. Go to a cheaper location

When selecting a vacation spot, you don’t need to go to Fiji or Hawaii. Consider the budget you have and choose a location accordingly. There are numerous spots you can drive to in Canada and enjoy yourself. Remember, getting there is just half the cost, you need to consider lodging, food, and activities also. This all adds up and can be quite expensive. So plan ahead of time and pick a location that is ideal for you, financially.

  1. Know your options

If you are looking to gain experience and learn about cultures than hi-fi tourist spots aren’t your best option. Go to more low-key locations maybe somewhere in Africa or South America that will provide you with exposure to a new culture. This experience will greatly enhance your knowledge and broaden your horizon while also allowing you to enjoy and relax.

  1. Find work or volunteer

There are numerous service trips around the world you can work or volunteer for. These offer you the chance to work in distant locales while also earn some money. While others may just be a volunteering position in which you are provided with boarding and food. In either case, you get to go to a distant location and explore while also help the locals in one way or the other.

Any type of community work is good for your development and provides experience you can brag about in your resume.

  1. Stay with friends or family

One way to save money on any vacation is to stay with a family member or at a friend’s place. You can visit them, be it across the country or the globe, while also take a vacation. Once there you can also save up by asking them to drive you around, if they have the time. This will help you save up a lot of lodging and transportation money.

  1. Look for student discounts

Various travel, dining, transportation, lodging, and attractions offer college students a discount. When you make your bookings, be sure to ask if there is a student discount offered and avail it. This will allow you to get some percentage off and save.

  1. Travel in a group

Traveling with your friends is not only fun but can help you save a lot of money. When you travel in a group, you can share the cost of lodging, car, gas, meals and other travel necessities. The added plus of traveling in a group is you get to share the experience with your friends which is always fun.

Traveling can be an important aspect in providing experience to a student. It can even help them develop and learn more about the world. As a family, you can also sign up for vacation clubs such as Occidental Vacation Club. These allow you and your children to travel to numerous locations around the world at a reasonable price. Allowing your children to experience their culture and helping them be more respectful to other cultures and humans.

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