Top Ways to Find Out If Interior Designing Is the Right Career for You

By now you have probably lived long enough and experienced enough of the world to realize that things are not always as rosy and colorful as people say it is.  Careers are one of these things that are not always as glorious as people make them to be.  In fact, most people will only tell you about the rosy and good bits of their jobs simply because they want you to envy them.  When you finally do step into the business world you realize that the reality is way different from the stories that were shared and by that time you have spent way too much money, time and effort on that career path to change directions and you might even be stuck in a position that you don’t want to be in.  It is much better to take some time and make sure that you want to become an interior designer so you never regret any of the hours you are spending on studies.

Top Ways to Find Out If Interior Designing Is the Right Career for You

Top ways to find out if interior designing is for you

You probably won’t get a real idea of what interior designing is until you have experienced the job for yourself.  But you can do a bit of research to make sure that your heart is in it by doing the following;

Go on an interior design adventure – Scouting some of the homes, apartments, restaurants and buildings in your area that was designed by an interior designer is a terrific way to see what the job entails and what you are up against.

Speak to interior designers – You won’t get a good idea of what you will be doing on the job until you have spoken to those in the profession.  By speaking to expert interior designers like Juan Pablo Molyneux or perhaps visiting some of their works you will get a much better idea of what they do and what it takes to make it big in the world of interior designing.

Speak to clients – Hear from clients whether the works done by other interior designers were worth their investment so you can learn from the mistakes of other interior designers or perhaps get some useful advice on how to treat customers and how to handle projects effectively when it comes to the perspective of the client.

Speak to students – Find out if you have what it takes to complete the studies by speaking with other students who are currently studying for interior designing.

Land a project – It would be terrific if you could volunteer on one of the interior design projects because by working with a fantastic interior designer like Juan Pablo Molyneux you are sure to get a lot of inspiration and see first-hand just how much work is involved in interior designing and what you will be expected to do to get a job completed.  Who knows, perhaps you could even land a position on Molyneux’s team to his interior design firm and get a much better head start when you are done with your studies.

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