Top Medical Journals for College Students

If you plan on studying medicine in college, then getting your hands on some quality medical journals can be a great way to further your education and stay on top of the latest advances in the field. Which journals you choose may depend on your personal preference or your area of specialty, though some are ideal for students studying any part of the subject. If you aren’t sure where to begin, here are some great resources to get your started.

Dove Medical Press

A peer-reviewed publication, Dove Medical Press is available online for easy searching. Submissions are accepted from medical professionals and researchers located throughout the world, so it is a great method for staying apprised of cutting-edge research without being restricted by location.

All submissions are required in American English, so the information is designed to be accessible to anyone comfortable with the English language.

Top Medical Journals for College Students

The New England Journal of Medicine

The New England Journal of Medicine is a highly respected publication throughout the world. Information is designed to be understood by the medical community, so the presentation may be too advanced for those who haven’t gotten fairly deep into their studies. However, it can provide an excellent way to learn about medical advances happening today and can serve as a source of solid references for college-level assignments.

The publication covers information about the medical field at large, so it is appropriate for most medical professionals regardless of their chosen specialty.

The American Journal of Medicine

Functioning as the official journal of the Alliance for Academic Internal Medicine, the American Journal of Medicine is another high-level publication. While the information can be useful to medical professionals in multiple specialties, the content is focused on internal medicine specifically.

The British Medical Journal

An entirely online publication, the British Medical Journal provides open access to a wide range of articles. This journal uses a peer review system to ensure that presented information is well-presented, relevant, and accurate. While any medical topic may be accepted, the publication focuses on general medicine and techniques for improved clinical decision-making.

Harvard Health Journal

The Harvard Health Journal is a publication focused on the activities and research conducted at the educational institution, as well as research conducted at other prestigious medical research facilities. Often, this publication includes information about some of the latest explorations in the field of medicine.

The Lancet

The Lancet is considered one of the gold standards in regards to long-term quality. The selection criteria for articles is very strict, with the majority of submissions not making the final cut. Topics can cover a wide range of medical specialties, so this journal can be a great choice regardless of a person’s chosen specialty.

And Many More

Almost every medical specialty will have a journal associated with the subject. Some options are available in print, others solely online, and many offer both formats. Depending on your current level of education, certain publications may be challenging to enjoy until you gain more experience. However, spending time with these publications can also help familiarize yourself with the terminology and stay apprised of current developments in the medical field.

Over time, the information will be easier to digest and will provide more value as your work towards your career in medicine.

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