Top Jobs in Plastic Manufacturing to Consider For a Bright Future

Plastic manufacturing is one of the most diverse businesses or career choices to consider.  Just consider all of the plastic things around you for a second.  The pen in your hand, the keyboard you use for typing, your ruler, pencil case, the lunchbox in your bag, the buttons on your shirt… there are so many things in our world that is made from plastic.  The plastic industry is huge and not nearly emphasis is being put on this industry when it comes to career decision making.  There are quite a lot of high paying jobs that you can land in plastic factories that is bound to ensure a bright future.

Highest paying jobs

Naturally you should aim for the highest paying jobs if you want to enjoy financial stability which means you need to study for the relevant qualification for the following highest paying jobs in plastic manufacturing;

Factory engineer – Factory engineers are responsible for overseeing production and engineering functions within the factory.  They must be abe to handle production, maintenance, customer service and much more and a degree in mechanical or electrical engineering is usually essential.

Process technician – Process technicians are responsible for various manufacturing processes and for designing of molds for new product developments as well as identifying methods that will optimize production.  Injection molding simulation is one of the basic qualification requirements for this type of job.

Factory management – Some factories will be willing to hire you with basic management qualifications as well as some experience in the plastic manufacturing industry.  This can be a great job to consider if you have strong leadership skills.

Accounts management – Accounts managers are responsible for handling customer accounts and for other basic admin tasks.  This kind of job only requires sales and admin experience or qualifications.

Other jobs

Not everyone can be a manager, technician or engineer.  The world relies on other more average individuals to do the actual hand labor or there probably wouldn’t be any products at all.  The following are a few other jobs you can consider in plastic manufacturing that doesn’t require much qualifications at all;

Operator – Operators are responsible for various tasks such as handling injection molding machinery and much more.

Quality controllerQuality controlling usually involves on the job training and can be a good way to get into the plastic manufacturing industry.

Sales representative – Sales reps mostly earn based on commission and can be quite a lucrative career if you have good people’s skills.

General services – For general services you will be expected to do any odd task from packaging to product assembling and so much more.

While these jobs don’t really pay much they are still jobs to keep you going.  Of course it is always best to aim for higher paying jobs by doing the right courses and pursuing the right type of studies but in the end these other jobs are still great for getting started in the plastic manufacturing industry so you can gain as much hands on experience as possible.

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