Things College Students Should Keep in Mind When Choosing Diamond Jewelry

There is no doubt that most ladies love jewelry whether they are students or not. Choosing jewelry is very hard, with the many fakes in the market, an imitation is not far from the original and without being keen, and we can all be victims of fake jewelry. Fake jewelry dies not have to be necessarily cheaper than the original for you to question the price and identify it as a fake, there are imitations that are as expensive as the originals and thus you need to be very careful to know the difference. There is nothing as bad as spending your hard earned money on something that you thought was an original yet it is a fake. Some of the things that you have to keep in mind in choosing diamond jewelry include:

Things College Students Should Keep in Mind When CHoosing Diamond Jewelry


If you now of diamonds you have probably heard of the term carats. Metric Carats is the weighing measurement for diamonds. It is recommended to choose a diamond that falls under the popular carat weights.


Diamonds are beautiful due to the fact that they have been made under intense heat and pressure. This makes them to be characterized by inclusions which are internal and exclusions that is external. There are many clarity characteristics to be checked out for but this can only be done by a trained gemologist. Since the clarity characteristics sometimes are too tiny to be seen by the naked eye, they can only be done under magnification.


Most diamonds have a tinge of color that is why colorless diamonds are rare to find and very high valued.  Normally a GIA color scale is used which has letters to represent the colors. The letters start with D which is colorless and ends with Z which has a yellowish brown tinge Most of the time it’s only a trained gemologist that can know the differences since the color distinctions can be quite subtle. The differences in colors have an impact on the price.


As much as there are diamonds of different shapes in the market, its cut can be used to refer to how its different angles relate to light. Its cut is mainly influenced by its face-up appearance, its design and craftsmanship. There is a GIA cut scale for cut diamonds that ranges from excellent to poor.

You will need a trained jeweler

It is only with a trained jeweler that you will be able to get the best diamond jewelry and at a good price. Not only look for an experienced jeweler but someone who is credentialed such as a GIA graduate gemologist.


With the right tips, college students can easily land themselves good diamond jewelry. Good thing is that diamond jewelry can also be fun as you can get them with different themes. For example Moti Ferder, the president of Lugano jewelry came up with Equestrian themed jewelry for those who love horses. You can basically get what you want if you have the time to look for it.

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