The Importance of Teaching Boys How to Shave

This might seem funny to some, but this can be quite the issue for a teenager who has just started going through puberty. Believe it or not, although there are many things that dads teach their sons, teaching them how to shave is not one of the things in many cases. Many fathers believe that it is a rite of passage that a son must undergo themselves, while in many other cases, they themselves might still undergo the experience of an irritated and itchy skin after shaving, and might be embarrassed to teach their sons something they themselves are not that proficient at. That stated, teaching boys how to shave is important, as that will also teach them about looking after their skin properly, even before they have begun to shave.

The Importance of Teaching Boys How to Shave

Why should you teach boys how to shave?

A part of that question has already been answered: it will teach them how to look after their skin even before they have begun to shave. Another part of it is that when they start going through puberty, boys will also have a lot of skin issues, such as acne; there is a good possibility that if one does not know how to shave properly, ­one will most probably experience some serious rashes on their first attempt, and if not, then would most probably cut themselves.

Additionally, since boys tend to have acne on their faces at that age, there’s also a very good possibility of them permanently scarring themselves if they’re not careful. Teaching them how to shave properly is important because of this. A good way to get started would be by first teaching them about razors, some of which you can purchase at LuxuryShaves.

Starting with the basics: Razors

Teaching your sons a thing or 2 about razors and how to hold them before getting into main act might also be a good idea. Many people use electric shavers these days. While it is useful for a quick and easy shave, many think that it does not do a thorough job that a traditional razor does. There are a few things that you need to watch out for when using a standard razor. Firstly, your razor needs to have a sharp and clean blade. You need to ensure that the blade is sharp, as a blunt blade can give you an uneven shave and can also cause redness.

The act of shaving

It is important to rinse your razor after every few strokes. This will ensure that your razor remains clean and will also give you the opportunity of changing directions depending on the direction of hair growth. Remember, if you shave against the direction of hair growth, this will cause redness, razor burns, and rashes, something that many novices will be victims to if not taught how to shave properly.

That stated, teaching your son how to shave is of utmost importance. If you want to learn more about the basics of shaving, visit

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