The Best Gifts to Get Your Mom-To-Be College Friend

Babies can sometimes happen at the most unexpected times.  No one has the right to judge a college mom or dad whether their precious little ones were accidental or planned because everyone has a different journey, different reasons and different challenges.  And just because your college friend is now a parent does not mean that they have to give up studies at all.  Plenty of young parents make a huge success out of their life despite having their hands full while caring for their kids.  But all college parents can use a bit of help and a good gift for the new mom to be is the best type of help you can give.  Here are some of the best baby gifts you can give to help make the load of raising a baby just a little bit lighter.

The Best Gifts to Get Your Mom-To-Be College Friend

Diaper pail

A diaper pail is a great gift because the new mom can maintain a cleaner and odor free environment for her baby without all the hassles of taking out the trash after each and every diaper.  The baby nappy pails are incredibly simple to use and you can use regular kitchen bags inside it.  The steel pail with rubber seals is specially designed to seal away any nasty smells.  Diaper pails can hold up to fifty diapers and the lid slides open smoothly so mom can toss diapers easily and without pinching her fingers.

Diapers & wet wipes

Diapers and wet wipes are the best gift to get any new mother because babies use so many of these items.   Diaper gifts are the best because mom can test all the different types of diapers on the market without spending as much and it’s a gift she will definitely use.

Baby clothes

Babies grow incredibly fast.  Their clothes only fit for about three months which means mommy will need a new wardrobe every three months.  And just a few sets is not enough because she needs body vests, cool sets, warm sets, going out sets and pajamas. Plus a little one can easily go through up to five sets of clothes when those teeth start to cut.

Baby blanket

A baby blanket is always handy, whether you are using it to keep your little one warm, for a shield against the wind and rain to let little ones enjoy a bit of tummy time on the lawn.  Blankets make beautiful gifts and are always a welcome addition to the gift package.

Medical kit

Medical gear like nail clippers, thermometers, vapo rub, cotton swabs, surgical spirits and basic baby medications are also a good idea for your baby package.

Bathing essentials

There are plenty of wonderful smelling baby bath lotions, powders, bum creams, shampoos and more that every mother would love to get as baby shower gift.

Educational toys

Educational baby toys are often too expensive for college mothers to afford.  Any educational toys you can add to the gift pack will be much appreciated but fisher price toys are known for their exceptional quality and benefits.

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