Spring Break

College Spring Break in Mexico

U.S. Scholars College students are always looking for exciting things to do over spring break. So, why not take your college spring break in Mexico? Surely there are plenty of great things to do while you are there. And, since you will have a week to explore, we have some excellent suggestions for you. Consider […]

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How to Make Your College Spring Break Unforgettable

Spring break is a college tradition recognized throughout the world. It provides an excellent opportunity to put your academic worries to the side and have a little fun. And, since spring break only comes around once a year, why shouldn’t you make the experience completely unforgettable. If you want to elevate your vacation, here are […]

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Take a Fishing Trip with Friends during the Next Spring Break

Taking a break for studies is important.  Students have it tough.  They are overloaded with tough work to learn.  They are also overloaded with stress about fitting in, passing their subjects, graduating, staying in shape, dating, keeping in touch with old school friends and family and much more.  All that stress can easily lead to […]

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