Tactical Flashlights: Your Means of Personal Protection

Possessing flashlights are a must for students of all ages, especially people living in remote areas where the chances of power outages are high. When you are studying your brains out, or doing some assignment or preparing a project for the next day, how would you feel if on that very moment the lights go out? All your efforts will go to drain, isn’t it? But if you own a flashlight, then they can be your savior during these crucial situations. And if you are a college going student and is living all by yourself, then those old school flashlights wouldn’t work for you. You will need to use modern tactical flashlights. These flashlights will not only provide you with light during power outages, but will also come in handy to prevent someone from beating the daylights out of you.

tactical flashlight

What makes tactical flashlights so special?

Tactical flashlights are simple flashlights that can also be used for tactical purposes, like military or police use. These flashlights are designed to be installed to a weapon for low-light shooting. They are smaller than the normal flashlights, emit more light and are highly portable. You can easily carry them on your purse, bags, pockets or even in your hands. Though the tactical flashlights were primarily made for military and police purposes, they can also be used by general public as a self-defense tool.

Why you should carry a tactical flashlight?

Who knew that flashlights could act as a self-defense weapon? But with modern technology, these very flashlights can come very handy in tough situations. They can aid you to recognize your targets and allows you to see your gun sights in the darkness. But other that, tactical flashlights have tones of other advantages:

  • They are small and portable
  • Can be used in the rain or wet conditions as they are waterproof
  • Can be carried to places where weapons are banned
  • They are durable
  • They are versatile
  • No training required

There are various types of tactical flashlights available in the market that will leave your head spinning. Some exists with handheld options and some are directly attached to a gun or rifle. The Guard Dog Diablo II Flashlight Stun Gun is the most popular and preferred tactical flashlights among all.

Guard Dog Diablo II Tactical Flashlight Stun Gun

This tactical flashlight is not just a simple flashlight, it also happens to be composed of an amazing 5 MILLION volt stun gun with discreet contact probes. It was initially used by law enforcement only, but is now released to the general civilians.

This is a phenomenal self-defense device, with some special features incorporated with it. For starters, you can use it as a normal flashlight for studying, driving, walking etc. and can carry them with you wherever you go. These flashlights shine an astonishing 320 lumen light that can be seen from 50 yards away. But the secret behind its popularity is the stun gun concealed inside it. Once the gun is switched on, it rips a thunderous and menacing spark completely unobtrusively around the top layer. These flashlights are enclosed within type III aluminum grade body and the body is highly shockproof and comes with an emergency glass breaker bezel. A free car charger is also available. So make sure you are fully charged for any expected or unexpected occasion.

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