Study Strategies for Finals Week

The final exams, whether it is in high school or college, can be one of the most challenging things of our lives. It is therefore important for students to prepare well. For some, their lives might depend on the results of those exams, and so it is important that they pass. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the strategies that students can use when preparing for their final exams.

Create your own study guide

It is common for lecturers to provide study guides, but the truth is that at times creating your won study guide could help you understand certain topic better.

Ask questions

Ask questions because that is what the professors and teachers are there for. Ask other students that seem to understand the topic better than you do. Just ask, because once the exam comes, it just might be too late.

Attend the review session

Review sessions are there to give you information on vital things about the exams such as what to expect in the exam.

Start early

Start preparing for the exams early. Read through books over and over until you understand them instead of trying to cram the books on the eve of the exam.

Organize a group study session

You need to find out if studying in groups with other students will help you better understand. Try going to a group session.

Study Strategies for Finals Week

Study things not on the study guide

At times, study guides are just that, study guides. They are meant to suggest the concepts that you should be learning. Fill in the space and figure out where they are pointing you.

Take breaks

You need to balance your study time with breaks, because you can’t take in everything at once. Take time out to recharge and relax, and you’ll be amazed at the results.

Stay well-rested

One of the best ways to stay focused during an exam, is to rest well. Get that good night’s sleep.

Create a study schedule, and follow it

Come up with a study schedule, spreading out the various topics that you have to cover. This way, it is easier for you to determine what you’ve covered, and what is yet.

Prioritize your study time

Create more time for the topics that you think are hard, and less time for things that you understand easily.

Best LSAT Prep Books

If you’re a law student, I’m sure that you know the importance of LSAT when preparing for your exams. In this article, we are going to try and determine the best LSAT prep by looking at some of the books that you should consider getting.

The LSAT Trainer by Mike Kim

This should be the first book that one should start with, giving the students a solid foundation in all of the sections. Below are some of the sections that it deals with:

  • Breaking apart Logical Reasoning arguments
  • Recognizing reasoning structure
  • Articulating what’s wrong with the author’s thought process
  • Eliminating wrong answers
  • Recognizing the structures of Reading Comprehension passages
  • Separating out key opinions
  • Knowing which details are important, and which ones are not
  • Seeing how everything else relates
  • Using the question stem to understand task
  • Visualizing Logic Games
  • Understanding and notating rules
  • Juggling conditional constraints
  • Bringing rules together and making inferences
  • Handling questions quickly
  • Utilizing effective timing strategies
  • Knowing exactly what to expect on test day

No matter how confident you’re feeling, it’s important for you to go through all the sections, because in this book there are some really great tips. Mikes models of logic, for example, is not the same as Kaplan and other books. It will give you the opportunity to experience other people’s thinking in things like improving timing and thinking patterns.


  • Great explanations
  • Provides different models and ways of thinking as compared to other books
  • It comes with 200+ sample questions and 30 drills
  • In-depth, providing a great base of knowledge for the LSAT, while not too long to bore


  • Inconsistent formatting at times
  • Contains some spelling errors

PowerScore LSAT Logical Reasoning Bible

If you’re interested in getting an LSAT score of 165 and above, this is the book for you. When it comes to logical reasoning, this book gets rid of any doubts that might be lingering in your mind. The book is comprehensive and filled with more information than you can keep in your head.


  • Incredibly comprehensive in the logical reasoning section.
  • It dissects different types of questions when it comes to logical reasoning with 128 practice questions and 22 chapters
  • Provides numerous methods and patterns of thinking that other books miss out on


  • Not everything in it is useful
  • Prepare to take notes because the information is too much to remember

PowerScore LSAT Logic Games Bible

This book comes with great ways of solving the problems that you’ll encounter in the exam, although it is much easier than the actual exam. The trick is to understand the process behind solving those problems, and then moving on to harder questions. Different sections focus on different games, showing how to think and do it.​


  • Detailed explanations and sample problems for 30 official LSAT logic games
  • Covers everything one should know about the logic games section
  • Very in-depth with numerous practice problems


  • The problems presented in this book are easier than the actual exam

PowerScore LSAT Reading Comprehension Bible

This books provides all the information that one needs to know about the reading section, to get good scores. This book will help the students know how to get around the popular traps set in exams. You would want to try out the drills provided here, no matter how pointless they might seem.


  • Shows ways of tackling popular questions and drills
  • Shows ways of tackling the most popular “traps” set by the test-makers


  • Some of the drills feel a little pointless
  • No secret to attaining immortality

10 Actual, Official LSAT Prep Tests Series

Now that you know the basics well enough, it is now time to practice by taking real tests, and below are some of the books that have some of the practice tests:

  • 10 Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests
  • ​The Next 10 Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests
  • 10 More, Actual Official LSAT PrepTests
  • 10 New Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests with Comparative Reading
  • 10 Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests Volume V

The last book in the list is the latest one, making it best to begin with. The exams in the books are those that have been done previously along with the answer keys and answer sheets. In the event that you get some questions wrong, try and figure out where you went wrong, referring to the PowerScore and book by Mike Kim. By doing several of these exams, you will get a feel of how the real thing actually feels like, questions, timing, and all. This way, you could also come up with strategies for doing the actual exam.


  • Previously administered LSAT exams
  • Complete answer key and answer sheets


  • Purchasing the whole set is costly

The Official LSAT SuperPrep

For those that had problems with the LSAT Trainer, this is the book for you, even though it might not be as good as the one written by Mike Kim. This could actually be the perfect book for you before you begin on the PowerScore books and real tests. This SuperPrep comes with exam tips for every section as well as three practice tests. One could spread the tests through their reading period instead of taking all three at once when they don’t fully understand the strategies.


  • Contains 3 practice exams
  • Has tips and general advice for each section of the exam


  • Not very in-depth


If you’re looking to get the perfect grades in your LSAT, the above books would be your perfect stepping stone. They will take you through the exam strategies as well as give you tests. Remember, you have to keep checking and understanding why you’re going wrong somewhere. This way, when the actual exam comes, you’ll be ready to handle it.

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