College is the time of a student’s life when their responsibilities increase. When a person starts college, they take their first step into the real world. It is aperiod when you become serious about your future. Plus, for many people beginning college means moving out of their childhood home and leaving their family behind since majority students attend out-of-state colleges. It is a significant change of scenery, and as a result, people end up feeling homesick. Therefore, at a time like this getting a pet is an amazing idea.

When it comes todomestic animals, adoption is a better option. Adopting an animal means you aregiving it a home when no one wants it, plus it also helps you save money. If you are a college student who’s looking for a pet animal, you must consider getting a dog. Dogs, as pets, are better than cats.

While cats are stubborn, aloof, and independent; thedogis an obedient and loyal animal.The dog is not just called “man’s best friend” for no reason.A dog is a precious little bundle of joy whose presence makes your life brighter and livelier. Here are some other benefits of getting a dog while you are in college:

Proper Routine:

As soon as college starts, our nightsgo down the drain. Dark circles under the eyes become prominent as time passes and coffee becomes a student’s best friend. A pet, especially a dog, will help you get your routine in check. Dogs can remedy this situation because when compared to other animals, dogs require more attention and supervision. They also need a certain amount of physical activity daily.

If your dog does not stay active and lounges all day long, it is more likely to become fat. Hence when you get a dog you will need to make a proper schedule for it, what time will it get breakfast, when should be their playtime, how long are they supposed to stay outside, and things like that. By doing this not only,you willmake the dog’s schedule, butyou will also straighten out your routine too.

HelpsIn Socialising:

During college, our social circle shrinks as most students prefer to spend their weekdays locked in dorm rooms and waste their weekends partying. People often don’t have time for others and approaching someone seems like a big task. Hence, a dog is a perfect ice-breaker for people who are too shy to start a conversation.

Provide A Break From Studies:

When you are too wired and tired from solving calculus or reading Plato, a dog wouldaid take your mind off studies.Those folks who say that their dogs do not let them study, don’t have the right breed of dog.

There is a connection between a dog and its owner. Hence one should own a dog that suits their personality. If you are an outdoor enthusiast; a Labrador Retriever, or Siberian Husky is best for you. However, if you prefer to stay indoors, then a Bull Mastiff or a Pug is ideal for you.


Owning a dog is a great responsibility.They require proper maintenance and grooming. Moreover, looking after a dog will help you polish your innate instinct of nurturing. Bear in mind that dogs, like most pets, will get sick if one does notlook after them adequately. That is why you must take them to the vet every other month and have them properly vaccinated. Be aware of any allergies that your dog might have.

Becoming a dog owner can be an exciting experience if done right. Plus, if you ever need help with your canine, head over to, and this site has all the necessary information about dogs, dog treats, their grooming gadgets, etcetera. Flawless-Kennels is truly a gift for newbie dog owners, and it will surely make your life a hundred times easier. Furthermore, you would find articles on how to select thebest shampoo for your dog, how to feed the best dog food and much more to take care of your dog’s health.


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