Professional Careers the Don’t Require Four Year Degrees

A lot of people are interested in pursuing more lucrative careers, but they may not be able to invest a full four years into getting a degree.  For people who need to find a quicker option, trade schools may provide the perfect opportunity.  Not only can they provide you with the education and training necessary to step into a new career field, the programs can often be completed in as little as nine months.

If you are open to considering pursuing a field through a career centered program, consider the following areas.

Professional Careers the Don’t Require Four Year Degrees

Mechanics and Repair Services

Everything from automobiles, dishwashers, and air conditioning systems need someone who can maintain, repair, and replace the various pieces of equipment and components.  Opportunities for education around appliance repair, HVAC maintenance, or auto mechanics are often offered through various trade schools and community colleges, and most programs can be completed in two years or less.

These career options can be great for someone who enjoys more physical work and working with their hands.  They may also lead to self-employment opportunities once you have cemented your skills and built your reputation, providing a level of flexibility in how, when, and where you work.

Cosmetology Schools

For those interested in beauty and personal care professions, cosmetology school may be ideal.  You can choose to focus in specific areas, such as barbering or working as a nail technician, or pursue a well-rounded course across the various aspects of the field.  These programs are often designed to be completed in less than one year, and may provide the opportunity to earn an income while you learn.

Once you complete our schooling, you will likely need to obtain your license for the state in which you will be working.  As with mechanical and repair oriented positions, cosmetology skills also lend themselves well to self-employment as you progress through your career.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapists obtain specialty training in order to become licensed to work in their desired state.  Some programs can be completed in only nine months, leaving students prepared to take any required licensing exams and ensuring they have sufficient clinical experience to perform the work in a safe manner that is beneficial to their clients.

Working in the field of massage therapy may require an initial investment in certain supplies, such as a massage table.  People can choose to work out of a variety of environments including clinics and day spas.  Some massage therapists are even able to work from home, providing a high level of flexibility to meet the other needs or demands of their daily lives.  This allows you to choose an environment that suits your needs or personal tastes while still using the same skillset.

Specialty Driving

Whether you are interested in driving a semi or what to focus on smaller vehicles, being able to drive certain commercial vehicles requires special training and licensing.  These skills are most often acquired through truck driving schools.  Not only are these programs concise, allowing you to earn your license quickly, they will also help provide access to the vehicles you need for your on-the-road training.

Aside from standard CDL options, you may also be able to qualify for specific endorsements to expand your career options even further.

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