Part-Time Gigs for College Students

College students usually end up in student loans due to an expensive college education. Most students wait until the college is over to pay back their debts as that is when they start searching for a job. Being a college student does not mean you cannot find a job. To start paying college debts in time students should start looking for a part-time job. With the correct skills, they can get a job with flexible timings and good pay.

These gigs not only help them pay their debt back but also help in gaining experience, building connections and enhance their resume.

Part-Time Gigs for College Students

Factors that matter for college students while looking for a job are its location which should be easily accessible. The schedule should not be tedious; payment must be up to the mark and ensure the job is relevant to the career you choose. Even if it is not relevant, but it is paying you a handsome amount of money it always adds to your experience. Moreover, the type of job you do depends on your gender. For example, if you are a girl you will not prefer working as a mechanic in the workshop, but a boy will not mind working as a mechanic.

Some of the part-time gigs college students can consider are:

  • Charity fundraiser:

This job is basically affiliated with non-profit fundraisers. It requires you to raise funds for whatever activity the NGO is working for. This particular job can pay you about $30 per hour which is quite good.

  • Social media assistant:

This job is perfect for college students as it pays about $21 per hour and you can do the job from your dorm or house. All you need is a good internet connection. Employers require the employee to assist them with social media marketing and content writing. Nowadays, with growing popularity of social media, I do not think social media marketing is a problem for any of the students out there.

  • Library monitor

This job is surefire for the students who think they cannot give ample time to their academics. If you take up this job your responsibilities will be the supervision of study place and keep the atmosphere quiet. The worker has a lot of time to himself/herself hence; you can complete your homework, quiz or reading assignments while you are work.

  • Voice over artist:

Anyone with good spoken skills or even good reading skills can become a voice-over artist. It is usually seen employers prefer female voice-over artist over male voice over artists, but this definitely does not mean that male voice-over artist is not at all required. Normally, employers turn to freelance voice-over artists for their tasks which is perfect for college students as they can work from home. It has been seen that voice-over gigs are among the top 10 freelance gigs that college student can take as a part-time job.

Female voice over artists can be hired directly from voice over hiring websites. These are not only for animated videos but also for announcement messages like we hear in lifts, audiobooks and phone messages. Voice over job pays you a handsome amount of money as well as it can be done directly from your home with a perfectly flexible schedule. You do not have to work for six hours straight after college or travel long distances to the workplace.

This particular gig not only helps you in earning money but also helps you in improving your verbal skills whether it is speaking or reading. To start working as a voice-over artist, you should watch some introductory videos on the internet and put up an advertisement for your voice-over on voice-over casting website.

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