Top Educational Movies for College Students

There may not be a lot of time in your college years to watch movies. However, as you are forced to study history, science, and sociology, the movies on this list might be of use. In fact, you might discover that some of your professors recommend these movies as ways to help you understand the topics you are discussing in class. These are indeed the top educational movies for college students.

And, you might be able to find some of them on the Canadian Netflix list. Just follow the link attached and search for the movies you are hoping to see. If you have a Netflix subscription, and the movie is available, that will save you time and money if you choose to watch it. In truth, we have known some professors who assigned the movies on this list and included questions from the movies on their mid-terms and final exams.

Top Educational Movies for College Students

30 Beneficial Movies to Watch While in College

Get some popcorn, invite the roomies, and settle in for a night of movie watching. You can call it research if it makes you feel less guilty about sitting in front of the TV. Seriously, these are 30 beneficial moves to watch in college. They will help you understand history, literature, science, and a host of other disciplines. So, check them out:

  1. Schindler’s List– A businessman makes a heroic effort to save Jews in the midst of WWII.
  2. Gandhi
  3. The Duellists– Can fencing induce honor and justice?
  4. The Grapes of Wrath
  5. Philadelphia
  6. The Color Purple– Alice Walker’s famous book about the struggle of an African American woman in the early 1900s. Learn more.
  7. Hotel Rwanda
  8. Alive
  9. Cast Way
  10. Super Size Me- Try living on MacDonald’s for 30 days. It is not the diet of champions, we can assure you.
  11. Be the Change
  12. Hoot
  13. Fahrenheit 451– If this doesn’t open your eyes to the direction this world is going, you better get a Bible. Read this.
  14. Dead Poets Society
  15. Freedom Writers
  16. The Phantom of the Opera– Disabilities and love proliferate the story behind this passionate tale.
  17. Microcosms– Check out insects in their natural habitats with this close-up French film.
  18. Manhattan Project
  19. TRON
  20. WarGames– Hackers could be the end of the world. At least, that is the basis behind this movie that invites a hacker to play a video game which is actually the initiation of WWIII.
  21. Into the Wild
  22. Touching the Void
  23. Erin Brockovich- Pollution in the water spurs this woman to action. And, the best part is, it’s a true story. Watch.
  24. The Future of Food
  25. Shooting Vegetarians
  26. Master Harold and the Boys– Set during the era of apartheid, this film depicts a semi-autobiographical tale about a black man and his relationship with a teenage boy.
  27. A Streetcar Named Desire
  28. Monty Python and the Holy Grail
  29. Almost Famous– A high school student writes a piece for Rolling Stone Magazine about a rising rock band he’s a big fan of.
  30. Project X

We didn’t describe every movie here, just the ones we are particularly fond of. However, with a little research, you will be able to pick out the ones that will be most beneficial to your college career.

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Advanced Tech to Help You Out In College

A lot of arguments are going on about students and technology.  Some believe that modern technological devices like smartphones are distracting students from school work and making it too easy for them to figure out calculations and answers to questions which affects their ability to remember and to do mathematics.  Others believe that technology is a useful tool that makes learning simpler, easier and helps students grasp a greater variety of topics a lot quicker.   I tend to agree with the second statement.  Everything else is developing and transforming so why should classrooms stay the same?  If you want to make college studies just a little bit easier, then it is definitely time to start looking for some advanced tech to help you out.

Take Up the 2017 Tech Update Challenge

Touchscreen Laptop

Laptops are terrific for so many reasons.  With a laptop you always have a way to take notes, do assignments and you always have full access to the best educational resources thanks to the internet.  And with a touch screen laptop you can do even more because touch screen laptops are a lot easier to use and allows you to enjoy a lot more variety when it comes to apps that work on touch.  Touch screen laptops are the best for graphics and photographic students as well as for illustrators and more because students can create and alter their works a lot easier.  Shop Ninja is the best website to check out when looking for touchscreen specific laptops because this review site gives you all of the info, pros, cons and added benefits of touch screen laptops and you can shop laptops according to your budget.


A smartphone is like having a mini computer in the palm of your hands. A smartphone is the perfect student help because students can take notes and snap pictures of their homework or other important information.  The smartphones comes with a calendar app which allows students to add their school roster as well as other important events that they have to get to and there are lots of educational apps that will help you understand your work a lot better.

Kindle device

Kindle devices can replace all of those books that you usually have to carry around with you because pretty soon you will be able to find any book in digital form.  If your handbooks can be converted to digital form you will be able to read from your handbooks at any given moment without having to carry a heavy backpack.

External hard drive

Do you have a lot of important college assignments that you cannot afford to lose?  Then an external hard drive is a must.  External hard drives come in various different sizes and allow you to save as much info as you need much more securely.  All of your homework, assignments and information can be stored away comfortably and safely on your hard drive.

Memory stick

With a good memory stick you can easily save all assignments, files, information and much more and be ready to head to any location or destination with your files safe and sound.

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Memory Enhancement Techniques for College Students

Your college schedule is jam packed with reports, projects, exams, and every extra-mural sport you can fit in. Then there’s the much-needed addition of outside activities and perhaps even a job. It’s a wonder you can remember to brush your teeth before you go to bed. Therefore, we would like to provide you with memory enhancement techniques for college students.

But, before we delve into that topic you might want to investigate the starting guide to nootropics. Nootropics are supplements that are designed to offer you several options for supporting your overall brain health. Specifically, though, they are given credit for improving memory and enhancing concentration. These are areas in which college students will certainly benefit and that makes them worthy of further investigation.

Memory Enhancement Techniques for College Students

Techniques to Aid Your Memory

Nootropics might prove a valuable asset, but these techniques to aid your memory are guaranteed to make an impact on your current status. Take to heart these suggestions and those that work for you should be shared with your friends. You do all want to graduate on time, don’t you? Then, try these techniques as you prepare for exams, or find yourself in need of additional memory boosting:

  • Rhymes and Music- If you’ll think back on your childhood, the books that incorporated rhyme in their storylines always seemed to stick in your head. You eventually became able to recite the book without even looking. Making up rhymes to help you remember important coursework is a great plan. Music has the same affect. Turn information into a song and you’ll be memorizing the states with the Warner Bros. If you don’t get that reference, see this.
  • Acronyms– Acronyms are letters that spell a word (generally) but each letter represents another word. Some of the most well-known acronyms are FBI, CIA, and more dreadfully, the IRS. If you can create an acronym that represents key information, you will have an easier time recalling the information.
  • Imagery– If you’re a visual learner this will be particularly useful. As you read the necessary information, create an image in your mind that represents that material. You will later be able to recall the image associated and that link will bring back all the necessary data.
  • Associations– Use old information to connect to new information. If you are learning about various countries in the world, for example, you can connect their names with foods that might represent their cultures. The food connection will trigger the other memory stores.
  • Creative Sentences– One that we recall from middle school might jog your own memory to something similar. When we were learning the planets (and Pluto is debatable), we learned the following sentence: My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas. And that enabled us to recall: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. We learned other creative sentences about learning how to read music too. Do you remember any creative sentences that helped you in school?
  • Categorizing– Sometimes, over the course of your college experience, you will be required to memorize lengthy lists. In those instances, it helps to divide the lists into smaller lists with similarities that you can attribute to them. Perhaps you put all the “D” words in one section of your memory lists. You can use whatever topics fit your memory best. Learn more.

No doubt there are additional tricks to helping your memory. You can read about them here. But, you might want to consider investing in nootropics too.

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Why Every College Student Needs a Pet

College is a wonderful, but stressful time for many. Students juggle assignments and studying across all of their classes while trying to find time to rest and relaxation. Often, some of these needs don’t get met. Add to that the pressure of holding a job, acquiring student loans, and managing other expenses for possibly the first time, and it’s no wonder that some college students feel on the brink of disaster. That means college students need methods for quickly lowering their stress levels. And one of those ways can be as simple as having a pet.

Pets are Comforting

Most pet owners find interacting with a pet after a long day extremely comforting. And, the stronger the bond, the more relief they generally feel.

Since many college students feel more stress at this time in their lives than they may have ever felt before, having a pet to greet them at the end of a day full of classes can provide a quick respite. Even a short encounter can reduce feelings of anxiety, lower blood pressure, and decrease cortisol levels. In fact, one study found that owning a cat or dog could control blood pressure more effectively than certain ACE inhibitors.

The benefits aren’t limited to pets of the traditional furry, four-legged variety. Even relaxing in front of a fish tank can provide a strong source of relaxation. And that form of a pet may be more accessible to college students who are renting and contending with significant restrictions in their leases regarding pet ownership.

Why Every College Student Needs a Pet

Pets Reduce Loneliness

Having a pet to come home to can reduce feelings of loneliness. They provide a sense companionship and can even serve as a point of social support. They serve as “someone” to talk to, providing a confidante for secrets. Additionally, they offer a feeling of unconditional love.

Even knowing a pet is counting on you can help alleviate loneliness. Having an animal to care for provides a sense of purpose beyond the every day. This feeling can extend beyond actual interactions. For example, when a college student is at the grocery store looking for the best dog food for golden retrievers, they know they are doing something important to meet their dog’s needs.

Pets can also serve as icebreakers for meeting new people. Walking a dog gives people an automatic conversation point when you cross paths. That makes it easier for people to approach the dog owner, and that increases the number of social interactions in which one may participate.

Pets as Part of the Solution

Owning a pet might not handle all of the stress associated with being a college student. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is also important, including eating right, exercising (though they can help in this area), and getting enough sleep. However, having a pet can be part of a larger plan to keep stress low which may make it easier to maintain a healthier lifestyle during times of stress.

Now, not all college students will have access to their own pet while at school. Often, college dorms have fairly strict rules regarding animals on premises. But finding ways to increase a student’s exposure to animals may also be beneficial. Visiting animals at a no-kill animal shelter could provide a source of relaxation, and allows them to do something charitable in the process, or visiting a friend who owns a pet may help. Or, when at a loss, they can consider using the icebreaker idea to their advantage by introducing themselves to local dog owners who walk by. Who knows, maybe they’ll make new friends along the way too.

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How A Broke College Student Can Have Fun On a Budget

College students are often low on cash, especially with their limited resources and high tuition fees. If you are one of those students, here’s how you can make the best of your situation.

How A Broke College Student Can Have Fun On a Budget

  1. Consider how much cash you have right now.

This one is truly self-evident, however some of the time, simply taking a moment to check your financial balance (or number your money) is a decent approach to gauge the amount you can truly spend for the sake of entertainment and not for basic needs.

  1. Leave your credit card at home while going out.

In the city, each store and food place is an allurement on the grounds that there are quite recently so a significant number of them around. In case you’re simply anticipating going for a walk through the city and do some touring all on your own, leave your credit card at home and take with you around $15-20 money.

  1. Find cheap spots to eat at.

Fundamentally, the most ideal approach to do this is keep away from the money related region, the touristy regions, and head straight towards Chinatown or spots that are not specifically in the focal point of the city. Doing this is pretty easy– in the event that you have a mobile phone or access to Wi-Fi, Yelp and Google will be your closest companions in discovering places that are both cheap and tasty. What’s more, plan ahead! Discover these spots before you go out so you’re not stuck amidst a bustling road outside attempting to discover places while having poor cell connection.

  1. Enjoy free events.

Numerous urban areas have the upside of always having events that are in interest of the general society and that are free. Grab the day and discover these events! Most effortless approach to search out free events in the city is to go on Facebook and see what events your friends are attending.

  1. Be savvy about transportation.

If you want to go somewhere that is not too far, walk to that spot instead of burning through cash riding the metro or the transport. Moreover, it’s dependably something to be thankful for to get some natural air and work out.

  1. Save, save, save.

Deposit some portion of your paycheck to a bank account so you never have the allurement of spending an enormous lump of your cash that you earned in one night. By doing this, toward the finish of the year you may have enough cash in your investment account to put towards taking that Europe trip you had planned in the late spring, or something comparative. There are such a large number of advantages to saving cash (clearly) and the result of saving feels so great when you do.

  1. Sell things you don’t need

Each school has some type of a Free and For Sale group. It never hurts to check around your flat or apartment to analyze what things you have never utilized or don’t really require. Furthermore, hello, there’s no harm in making a fast post about it on the web. You’d be astonished at the things individuals need to purchase. You can also make smart decisions, like selling your heavy outdated grill and using a portion of the money to purchase a smart, small and portable grill from the Q series. Making such decisions can really help relieve your financial situation.

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The Importance of Eating Healthy School Food

When you are in school, you are in charge of your own nutrition. It is okay if you are going to bring your own food but if in case you would have to buy from the canteen, do you think that your school food will be worth checking out? There was a time when school lunches became notorious not only for being unappealing to kids but also for being unhealthy. Over the past years, schools have done their best in order to improve what they offer to their students.

Perhaps schools now have realized the need to invest in great tools and equipment that can be used in the kitchen in order to prepare great food. For instance, the best Japanese kitchen knives can be amazing to use especially for canteens that would prepare food that need to be sliced thinly. Aside from knives, there is still a lot of other equipment that can be beneficial for everyone.

The Importance of Eating Healthy School Food

Now that you know the possible reason why canteens are able to produce better food, you have to realize the importance of eating healthy school food which may include the following:

  1. It will improve the amount of nutrients that you get every day. As a student, you will be required to use your brain often. You need to understand your lessons and you can only do this if you would get the right nutrients from the food that you eat. If the school would only serve processed food then you can expect that you will not get the nutrients that you are searching for. You may be better off bringing or cooking your own food depending on how old you are.
  2. You can be present more often. When you do not get the nutrients that you need, you are also more likely to become sick especially when you are exposed to various elements that can wreak havoc on your immune system. You need to attend classes all the time because missing a lesson can already make it harder for you to cope. This is especially true in math subjects wherein missing the basics will let you not understand anything about the next lessons that will be discussed.
  3. You will decrease your chances of being obese. When you eat processed food products, you know that you will get only calories minus the nutrients. This is also the same when you consume more junk than healthy food products. Being obese will make you more prone to a wide variety of diseases that will only make you miss school.
  4. You will become more energetic. The main reason why you are having trouble understanding your lessons is because you do not have enough energy to process the things that are being said by your professor. Make an effort to eat healthy because this will make a lot of difference. You can learn more details about the benefits of eating healthy when you check this out.

If you have not done it yet, now is the time that you should begin eating healthy.

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Top Medical Journals for College Students

If you plan on studying medicine in college, then getting your hands on some quality medical journals can be a great way to further your education and stay on top of the latest advances in the field. Which journals you choose may depend on your personal preference or your area of specialty, though some are ideal for students studying any part of the subject. If you aren’t sure where to begin, here are some great resources to get your started.

Dove Medical Press

A peer-reviewed publication, Dove Medical Press is available online for easy searching. Submissions are accepted from medical professionals and researchers located throughout the world, so it is a great method for staying apprised of cutting-edge research without being restricted by location.

All submissions are required in American English, so the information is designed to be accessible to anyone comfortable with the English language.

Top Medical Journals for College Students

The New England Journal of Medicine

The New England Journal of Medicine is a highly respected publication throughout the world. Information is designed to be understood by the medical community, so the presentation may be too advanced for those who haven’t gotten fairly deep into their studies. However, it can provide an excellent way to learn about medical advances happening today and can serve as a source of solid references for college-level assignments.

The publication covers information about the medical field at large, so it is appropriate for most medical professionals regardless of their chosen specialty.

The American Journal of Medicine

Functioning as the official journal of the Alliance for Academic Internal Medicine, the American Journal of Medicine is another high-level publication. While the information can be useful to medical professionals in multiple specialties, the content is focused on internal medicine specifically.

The British Medical Journal

An entirely online publication, the British Medical Journal provides open access to a wide range of articles. This journal uses a peer review system to ensure that presented information is well-presented, relevant, and accurate. While any medical topic may be accepted, the publication focuses on general medicine and techniques for improved clinical decision-making.

Harvard Health Journal

The Harvard Health Journal is a publication focused on the activities and research conducted at the educational institution, as well as research conducted at other prestigious medical research facilities. Often, this publication includes information about some of the latest explorations in the field of medicine.

The Lancet

The Lancet is considered one of the gold standards in regards to long-term quality. The selection criteria for articles is very strict, with the majority of submissions not making the final cut. Topics can cover a wide range of medical specialties, so this journal can be a great choice regardless of a person’s chosen specialty.

And Many More

Almost every medical specialty will have a journal associated with the subject. Some options are available in print, others solely online, and many offer both formats. Depending on your current level of education, certain publications may be challenging to enjoy until you gain more experience. However, spending time with these publications can also help familiarize yourself with the terminology and stay apprised of current developments in the medical field.

Over time, the information will be easier to digest and will provide more value as your work towards your career in medicine.

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Great Sites for Completing College-Level Research Online

When researching a college paper, you need to make sure that your resources are sound. Often, that means bypassing sites that can be edited by anyone under the sun, like Wikipedia, and finding sites worthy of attribution long-term. But, if you have just begun completing papers at this level, you might not have a wealth of options at your fingertips. To help you find creditable sources from a range of subjects, consider giving these sites a try.

Great Sites for Completing College-Level Research Online

Dove Press

Dove Press provides access to a variety of peer-reviewed journals focused on the medical field, including subjects in the areas of science and technology. The system is considered fairly easy to use, and works can be submitted from authors located across the globe. This means you may find credible studies and research documents that aren’t your everyday articles that most others would reference.

National Geographic

National Geographic provides information on a range of topics including science, history, culture, and locations around the globe. The information contained within the presented articles are well researched and can provide a wealth of information in a reader-friendly format.

While most people are familiar with the National Geographic brand, it isn’t commonly thought of as a source for collegiate level research.

Government Health Sites

Whether you need information about various medical conditions, basic nutrition, or a range of other health topics, there are numerous government-run websites that can provide high-quality information with the simple click of a mouse.

The National Institute of Health provides information on a range of health topics. Some of the information is very user-friendly while others are very technical in nature. Additionally, the U.S. National Library of Medicine is part of the National Institute of Health.

The Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion is also an excellent source of information. They cover topics like nutrition as well as exercise guidelines for the general public.

Recognized Charities

Certain charitable organizations make significant efforts in the area of research as well as providing the public with access to more information about a variety of topics. For example, the American Heart Association and the American Cancer Society can be excellent sources for news about their respective areas of concentration.

General Advice about Selecting Sources

When you are conducting research for college papers, it is important to select your sources wisely. Often, anything that can be edited by anyone interested in doing so may contain faulty information. While most people try to make these sites a high-quality experience, not everyone who chooses to edit these works has those goals in mind. However, they can provide links to other external sources that may be of value. Normally, those links are included at the bottom of the page.

Even when you are getting information from trusted sources, you may want to check the date on the material you are referencing. While certain information is generally known to be fact and has been for some time, other sources may be out of date. This can especially be a risk when you are researching in the areas of science, medicine, or technology. Changes in these fields are common, so finding sources that were created recently is often a wiser choice.

If you are ever in doubt regarding the quality of the information of a source located online, attempt to confirm the information through a trusted site. If you are not able to do so, then it may be better to skip that information than risk including inaccuracies in you work.

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Can’t Afford a Car While in College? Here’s How to Get Around

Everyone knows that college can be expensive. And, sometimes, when you have to make a choice between paying for classes and buying a car, classes are going to win. However, being without a car doesn’t mean you are trapped in your dorm room day in and day out. Instead, you’ll just need to look at alternative methods for getting when the need arises. If you aren’t sure where to begin, here are some tips to get you started.

Just Walk

Walking may be the least expensive mode of transportation available to most college students. It is often enough to get you from one class to the next, as well as to key destinations like the library or cafeteria. If your campus is located in a downtown area, you may even be able to access local businesses and attractions without having to make any major investments to help get you around. However, it isn’t always an ideal choice depending on the weather and the distance. But, if something truly needs to get managed, it can be an excellent fallback option.

Can’t Afford a Car While in College? Here’s How to Get Around

Try a Bike

If your school is centrally located, and you reside in the dorm, then a bicycle might be the ideal choice. Some of the best cruiser bikes are very comfortable to ride and fairly easy to manage should you need to walk (or carry) it to your room.

Riding a bike can help you get to classes more quickly, run errands around town, or simply enjoy some time outdoors. If you are near a park, then it can provide a form of relaxing recreation or a way to get some great exercise.

Public Transit

For towns that have public transit systems, you can practically guarantee that the campus will be at least one of the stops. Options like buses, trains, and subways can help you get to most important locations within the area with relative ease and often with little expense. Most cities offer discounted transit passes to students, so you might be able to get an unlimited pass every month that will ensure you have the option whenever it is required.

For times when public transit can’t get you all the way to your destination, you may be able to either ride or bike from one of the stops. Many buses and trains either allow bikes to be brought on, or have bicycle racks on the front or back ends of the bus. If you do have to use a bike rack, make sure to secure your bike quickly, but well. If it falls off during the ride, you’ll be the one responsible.


If you need an inexpensive option with an actual motor, consider a low CC scooter. In some states, you don’t even have to have a driver’s license if it is a 49 CC scooter or less. Others will require a driver’s license, but no a motorcycle endorsement. Before you purchase a scooter, it is important to check local operating and licensing requirements before riding it.

Otherwise, scooters are fairly inexpensive to run. The amount of gasoline required is generally low, and the number of miles you can get on a tank is respectable. So, if you are on a campus that lacks nearby amenities, a scooter may help give you options that would otherwise be out of reach.

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How to Make Your College Spring Break Unforgettable

Spring break is a college tradition recognized throughout the world. It provides an excellent opportunity to put your academic worries to the side and have a little fun. And, since spring break only comes around once a year, why shouldn’t you make the experience completely unforgettable. If you want to elevate your vacation, here are some great ways to make it a truly memorable trip.

How to Make Your College Spring Break Unforgettable

Spring for First Class

While first class airline tickets aren’t cheap, they can certainly make your trip more comfortable. Not only do you get more space to spread out, but you may also get a real meal and free drinks. To make it even better, the handful of first class seats often have their own bathroom, so there is no need to get up and wait in line at the back of the plane.

If your flight is particularly long, going first class can certainly get things off to a great start and make the end all the more relaxing.

Upgrade Your Ride

Whether you intend to rent a car or simply need a ride to and from the airport, consider upgrading these experiences as well. For example, luxury car services like MGCLS Car Service can be a significant upgrade over a traditional taxi and most Uber’s. And, since you can plan them in advance, they can be there ready and waiting as soon as you need them.

If the rental car counter is part of your trip, then consider upgrading your reservation to something a little more comfortable. Most economy cars are small and can be uncomfortable. And, if you aren’t used to being the smallest vehicle on the road, can make getting passed semis pretty intimidating. Instead of trying to get up to highway speeds in a car that has more in common with a golf cart than anything else on the road, consider upgrading it a level or two. Yes, it can be more expensive, but if you plan on spending a decent amount of time on the road, you’ll be happy you paid the difference.

Pick a Great Restaurant

Even though spring break is normally more about the party than anything else, consider treating yourself to one spectacular high-end meal. Find a place that sounds appealing, make a reservation for the first or second night you will be there, and give yourself a chance to enjoy a truly luxurious dining experience while you check out your destination city.

If you aren’t sure where to go, consider checking sites like TripAdvisor or Yelp to get some ideas. Look for places that truly represent what the local cuisine is all about for an experience unlike anything you’ll find when you head back to school.

Book a Great Room

If your college dorm has left you sleeping in a twin bed for months on end and you’ve grown tired of the community shower environment, consider choosing a hotel that offers rooms with king beds and nice bathtubs. That way, once you’re done partying for the day, you can come back to a great room, have a relaxing soak, and stretch out while you sleep. Even if you don’t spend a lot of time in the room otherwise, those small indulgences can help elevate the experience to something truly unforgettable.

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