Melanotan: Your Trail to Golden Skin

Tan skin looks ravishing and is a mark of beauty and sensuality. There is no denying it. Celebrities pay gazillions every year to tan their skin and improve their appearance. And why not? Pale skin can sometimes look boring and sickly, as if you have never seen the light of the day. Getting a golden tan automatically improves the mien of your skin, making it look healthy and attractive. So what is the best way to get that glowing, bronzed body? The easiest and the most conventional way of getting a tan is to lay out in the sun and soak it up. But other than the natural sun tan, a sundry of sunless tanning options are available that can make your skin glow rapidly. One such product is the lab-made chemical, Melanotan that aids your skin tan faster and which also comes with numerous other benefits.

melanotan benefits

How does melanotan work?

Melanotan is a lab-made chemical that is analogous to the melanocyte-stimulating hormone in our body, which enhances the production of darkening skin pigments. This hormone, secreted by the pituitary gland, triggers the production of melanin, a brown pigment responsible for the tanning of the skin, from the melanocytes when exposed to UV rays. But many people are intolerant to UV light and develop adverse reaction symptoms instead, and this is where melanotan comes to their rescue.

Melanotan is a synthetic variant of melanocyte-stimulating hormone. Clinical studies have shown that melanotan increases pigmentation of the skin without the exposure to UV. The intake of melanotan causes a reaction in the body which results in a natural tan.Various melanotan supplies are available nowadays, that can help you develop a natural looking tan with minimal exposure to the sun.

Benefits of melanotan

Other than giving you a beautiful tanned body, melanotan supplies have a plethora of other benefits as well. They are as follows:

  • Improves sexual life by increasing libido in males and desires in females
  • Decreases appetite by suppressing the appetite receptor in the brain. Thus, it can help you to lose unwanted calories
  • Prevents skin cancer caused byexposure to the sun

Melanotan is available in the powder form and has to be mixed with water so that it can be injected. The correct dosage of melanotan varies from person to person, depending on their exposure to sun, body size, age and natural skin complexion.Consult with a physician to determine the correct dosage for you. The tanning effects of melanotan gradually fade away within four to eight weeks, along with the other benefits like libido, appetite and sexual performance. To get better results, you might need to take daily dosage or multiple injections per day to get the natural effect of tan.

Bottom line

Melanotan supplies are a great way to achieve natural looking tan and to get that ravishing bronzed body of your favorite celebrity. Though melanotan does not have any toxicity issues, it is better if you use it under medical supervision. To be on the safe side, pregnant and breast-feeding women should keep their distances from melanotan supplies to keep their babies safe.

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