Inspiration for Interior Design

Everyone chooses their field of study but sometimes we lose focus and inspiration which makes it almost impossible to excel. This does not mean you have chosen the wrong course. It is most probably a temporary thing that you can get through. Studying in any creative field is a dream for the aspiring fashion designer, artist, writer or interior designer. It is however normal for any student to need a bit of inspiration to remember why they chose the study field that they are in. Studying isn’t always fun and sometimes we need to discover the roots of the career we are studying for in order to appreciate the opportunity we have. There are various ways to stay inspired and keep yourself motivated while studying. By taking the smallest step you will be more inspired in no time at all. Read more about ways other famous artists use to find their inspiration.

Inspiration for Interior Design

An artist date

Schedule a weekly excursion where you take part in a project like painting or writing. The trick is doing it for the fun and not as part of your studies. This will make you realize why you love doing what you are doing and why you should persist and complete your chosen field of study. Your artist date can also include a purchase for example new paint brushes or paint. It is completely your choice, as long as it is related to your art and creativity.

Visit a gallery or read a book

Whether you are a writer or an artist you will feel inspired by admiring masterpieces of other artists or writers. Realize why you wanted to pursue this field of study in the first place. It is an easy excursion seeing that most galleries offer free entry. By reading your favorite novel you might be completely inspired to get rid of your writer’s block and have the guts to get that overdue essay done. There are so many fantastic masterpieces like Van Gogh’s starry night or anything done by Monet where just the brush strokes will get you painting.

Admire the expert’s work

If your career choice is Interior Design you should look up the works of Juan Pablo Molyneux, one of the best and most respected interior designers. Known for his work in New York and his beautiful townhouse interior you will be able to get loads of inspiration to work hard and become the Interior Designer that you have always wanted to be.

A nature excursion

There is such a thing as cabin fever and unfortunately the symptoms are horrific for any artist. It is necessary for creative people to get in nature to be inspired. There is something about being away from the hustle and bustle that is somehow healing for your body, mind and soul. So if you find yourself between four walls with your hands in your hair get out as soon as you can. Click here to read more about the benefits of nature.

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