Important Things to Know About Skin Cancer

Whether you are considering a career in the medical field or you just want to learn about important things, reading up about cancer will be beneficial to your health. There are several types of cancer but skin cancer is one of the most common ones. We all know that vitamin D is integral to our overall health but like all things, too much sun is also dangerous.

To protect yourself and your loved ones, it is wise to do research and learn what you can about this dreaded disease. Here are some more things to keep in mind:

What is skin cancer?

Without proper protection, constant sun exposure can lead to dangerous skin diseases and worse, skin cancer. Melanoma, one of the more dangerous types of skin cancer, can begin to form on any part of the skin even those that are not always exposed. The good news is, unlike other form of cancers, melanoma has a high probability of being cured when discovered on its early stages. Other types of skin cancer include skin lymphoma, Merkel cell carcinoma and various forms of sarcomas.

skin cancer

Who is at risk?

Although it is hard to predict who is going to get cancer or at what time of their lives, there are certain people who are more susceptible to getting this illness.

General risk factors include:

  • A lighter, fair skin.
  • Those with blonde or red hair.
  • Family history of skin cancer.
  • A history of serious sunburns.
  • Constant exposure to the sun.
  • Weak immune system and older-aged patients.

What are the symptoms?

The signs and symptoms may differ depending on the type of cancer. It is important to be very observant when you know you are at a higher risk of getting cancer. Make regular visits to the doctor so that you can be checked if you have any suspicions.

Some of the symptoms include:

  • Itchy, tender skin.
  • Change in texture of skin.
  • Swollen skin with reddening spots.
  • Sudden sprouting of dark spots or spreading of pigmentation.
  • New mole growths, excessive mole or spots.

While these symptoms may seem pretty unhazardous at first, it is still best to consult a physician or a skin specialist. The key to curing this sickness is early detection, so vigilance is very important.

How to prevent skin cancer?

Aside from regular checkups and early detection, there are some other measures you can take to protect yourself. The best way to lower your risk is by avoiding long exposures to the sun. If you find yourself outside in the middle of the day, make sure you use sun protection with high SPFs. Additionally, it helps to pamper your skin regularly. From acne products like Face-Up Heilung von Akne to skin therapy and massages, all of these would be beneficial to your wellness. Also, avoid other sources of UV light (tanning beds and sun lamps) as they can also cause skin cancer.


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