Importance of Sports and Playing Games for Students

The significance of games and recreations in school envelops more than just the advantage of physical movement. Increase in self-confidence and mental activeness make school games and recreations important for each school age kid. In spite of the fact that the advantages of school games flourish, with a declining economy, numerous schools are removing sports and physical training projects – which is certainly not a good idea.

Importance of Sports and Playing Games for Students


As indicated by Theodore Hesburgh, write of “The Importance of School Sports and Education,” it is basic for school age youngsters to participate in games and similar physical activities. Not only does it help in empowering youth and increasing their self-confidence, it additionally motivates students, helps them work harder in order to achieve good grades, particularly in schools where getting certain grades is a prerequisite to take part in sports activities. Various physical advantages include keeping up a sound weight, having a stronger immune system and taking in the abilities important to keep up a healthy way of life once they have graduated.


Encouraging physical activity ought to begin from the nursery room, as per Jean Zimmerman and Gil Reavill, writers of “Bringing up Our Athletic Daughters.” Promoting games as a parent is a significant component in figuring out if your kid will be keen on partaking in games. Playing with your child, whether tossing a football or baseball with your child, or showing your little girl how to swim, shows them the significance of being active and dynamic. Empowering your youngster to take an interest in a game of their decision might be the reason they keep on playing when they enter school. For all you know, buying them good bags for field hockey sticks might end up becoming the reason behind them growing up into top-class field hockey players.

Some Warnings

A few youngsters don’t view themselves as athletic and might not prefer to take part in sport activities organized in or by the school. They might be cut from the school group for not performing up to mark. For this certain group, there are intramural teams, which are games for those not intrigued or ready to play more serious games. It is critical to remember in these cases not to make your kid feel gravely about not being a higher level sports player or competitor, but rather to remember the more imperative advantages of playing games, and support them in this attempt.


With an extremely tough economy, numerous schools are cutting spending for games and sport programs. Due to the numerous benefits of games, it is very important to proceed with the athletic projects accessible to youngsters. As a parent it might be important for you to become more involved on the school board to have a say in regards to keeping athletic projects and in fact, increasing them with the passage of time. Urging your kid to talk up about their longing for games may likewise influence whether your school keeps their games or removes them due to financial constraints.

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