Importance of Educational Tours

Education is something that is a must for everyone, and especially in the early stages of our lives. Most of us grew up going to school and being confined in the walls of classrooms. That is probably good for concentration and working in a quiet environment, however, going out of the classroom on a student tour is something that can do students more good than many people think. Below, we are going to scroll through some of the reasons why it is important for students to go on educational tours.

New Sights

By new sights, we are referring to the new things that students get to learn out there, that they I’d not learn in school. The educational environment and the experiences between the students and the lecturers bring them closer together. While on the trip, the students can also get to learn about other things such as wildlife and nature, hands on. They can also discover that they have a passion for new hobbies such as surfing or para gliding.


Away from the classroom and somewhere on a student trip, the students ten to spend more time together. Their relationships become better and more personal without the structure of a classroom or normal day in school. It is wise to have a student trip at the beginning of the term or semester because this would allow new students to get to know each other better before they proceed with their studies.

Importance of Educational Tours

Informal Learning Environment

During the student trips, the students get to learn without having to bother about textbooks and other tools that are used in a normal school or college setting. This is education that is more hands on as the students get to visit places like the metrological department or wildlife department. There is also the fact that the people will be excited at the thought of being taught by someone new.


The fun that the students have during the trip is usually the climax of the trip. Taking a break from school for a few days or weeks is healthy as if refreshes the mind and takes the stress away. By the time that students get back to the classrooms or lecture halls, they have a renewed focus on their work.

Rustic Pathways

Rustic Pathways having looked at the reasons as to why it is important to go for student trips, it is only fair for us to mention Rustic Pathways, a global facilitator of educational travel experiences and services. It was founded by Chris Stakich, who after graduating from Harvard University in 2001, and has since helped the Chardon, Ohio-based organization grow more than 40 times in size. He also the co-founder of Thinking Beyond Borders and USA Gap Year Fairs, and helped launch Thrival World Academies.

There are many good reviews from travelers that have undertaken the Rustic Pathway programs around the world, and it would be in your best interest as a student to also consider joining one of their trips. Below, we are going to look at some of the programs that they offer to students:

Kili Climb

Rustic Pathways offers students the chance to test their strengths by climbing to the peak of Africa’s tallest mountain, Mt. Kilimanjaro. Guides, porters, and cooks accompany the students up the Marangu route, heading the snow covered peak. From the slopes, students can view the vast savanna spread down below, and when they get back down, they can bargain for souvenirs from local vendors.

Irrawaddy Village Service

This program gives students the opportunity to make connections with Burmese students, experiencing life as true locals in everyday Burmese village life. They get to teach the local students English and also explore the beautiful temples in Burma.

Island Living and Eco-Service (Spring Break)

Here, students can explore mangroves, reef formations, and marine wildlife at Los Haitises National Park and Samaná peninsula. They can work on ecological restoration projects and learn from experts and communities about the efforts to maintain the extensive biodiversity of the region. Swimming in hidden caverns to see ancient Taino cave paintings, and raft down the white-water rapids of the Rio Yaque del Norte, the longest river in the Caribbean, is something that people don’t want to miss.

Traveling Soccer and Service Team

This program is perfect for students that like soccer. It gives them the opportunity to travel, work, and play their hearts out on the intensive two-week soccer and service project through the heart of Costa Rica. Soccer helps to develop relationships with tico locals throughout the beautiful country, and give back to the host communities through thoughtfully designed service initiatives. One can also take advantage of the best adventure activities that Costa Rica has to offer.


Now that we know that student trips are good for students, why not go ahead and plan for your educative trip or vacation. Rustic Pathways offer the perfect solutions to that, and they can even offer customized trips to suit your needs.

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