How Students Should Go To Work So They Can One Day Own a Timber Frame Home

It is important for students to decide what they want out of life early on because the sooner they start working on these goals the faster they can achieve them.  Most students will decide on a goal for their future jobs early on but hardly any student ever has a goal for a dream home.  If more students decided on the homes they want right from the start, they would be much more likely to get their dream homes because they will start investing in and working on their dream homes early on instead of wasting money on other homes or rent.   Here are some great steps to take to get you that dream timber frame home much faster.

Consider A Timber Frame Home and Always Feel Like You Are Having an Adventure

Pass your grades

To get a good home, you will need a good income, and to get a good income you will need a good job and to get a good job, you will need good grades.  It is ok to dream about your perfect home but it is also important to focus on studies so you can pass and make it on time.

Get a good job

A good job with a good salary is the key to making all your dreams come true.  Take good care of your job when you land that dream position.

Start saving for a deposit

You should start saving up some cash from the moment you start earning a salary.  The more money you have saved up the sooner you can start building your dream home.

Look for cheap vacant land areas

While you are saving cash you should start looking for cheap vacant land in areas you would like to live in.  If you are young, you can wait patiently for that deal of a lifetime and save a lot of money.

Take out a mortgage for the vacant land

With a mortgage you can finally start working on your dream.  Mortgages are great for improving your credibility so you can get loans easier.

Take out a second mortgage for a timber frame house

Once you have your vacant land and mortgage you can take out a second mortgage so you can start building your dream home.

Get a pro to design and build your home for you

You can get a professional to design your dream home for you or you can check out some timber frame house plans from Streamline Design.  Their house plans are gorgeous and functional.  There is also a lot to choose from since the timber house plans vary from as small as 695sqft up to 4000sqft.  If one of their current house plans does not take your breath away then you can always get a custom home design drawn up for a completely unique home or you can design your own home and save some cash on the design.

Get a pro to build your home

Once you have the land, designs and material, it is time to start building your home.  It is always wise to hire a professional for your home construction so your home will look professional and will be done the right way right from the start.

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