How Students Can Choose An Inflatable Paddle Board

Most of the time, students are always looking for best deals. Most students have a lot of time but not money. In everything, there are best deals and raw deals; it all depends on an individual.  Upon proper research and planning, getting the best deals is very much easy. When it comes to inflatable paddleboards, you can get the best deals once you know what to look out for. Some of the factors to consider when looking for the best cheap inflatable paddle board include:

How Students Can Choose An Inflatable Paddle Board

How Students Can Choose An Inflatable Paddle Board


Inflatable paddle boards come in different sizes to suit different sizes of people. The height and weight of a person will determine the size of paddleboard that will be suitable for him. This is due to the fact that the size determines the stability of the board. Tall and heavy people work well with big boards while short and light people small boards so as to ensure there is more stability.

The size and suitability will vary according to how you plan on using the paddleboard and also the brand. Some uses such as yoga on the paddleboard will require a relatively larger paddleboard.

Thickness of the board

Different boards have different thickness to suit different needs. Most of the time boards have a thickness of between four to six inches. AS much as the board will get inflated, its initial thickness is important. The total thickness of the board will determine how solid it will be when inflated. The thickness of the board together with its surface area makes up the volume of the board which determines how long it will take to inflate the board.


PSI which stands for pounds per square inch is the maximum amounts of air pressure that can be fill an inflatable paddleboard. When the pressure is high, the board will feel full, stiff and solid. Full and solid paddleboards are best meant for heavyweight and vice versa.  The time it takes however to inflate a board depends on the kind of pump that you are using. Electrical pumps take relatively less time to inflate as compared to manual hand pumps.

Board surface

The top surface of a paddle board has an influence on the performance of the board and its level of comfort. There are some boards that come with extra features such as anti-slip pads for more comfort.


Reviews will give you a glimpse of what to expect so that you may make an informed decision. It will help you know the experience other people had with the paddle board of interest. You can get reviews from several sites online including the manufacturer’s site.

As m getting as getting a cheap board may seem like a deal especially for students, it is important not to forget about quality. A high quality board will make sure that you get value for money. In doing your research you should always do comparisons so that you know which is better.

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