How Busy College Students Care for Their Dogs

Many college students live outside of dorm rooms while they manage their studies. Sometimes this means living at home with their parents, and at other times it could mean living on their own. But, no matter the exact circumstances, many college students choose to have a dog as part of their home life, and that is certainly an important responsibility.

So, how does a busy college student ensure their dog is well taken care of? By making sure these basic needs are met at all times.

How Busy College Students Care for Their Dogs

Food and Water

All dogs need regular access to food and constant access to water. In most cases, college students who own dogs will be home at least once every day. During that time, it is fairly easy to do a quick check and make sure that the food and water dishes are properly filled and, if either seems too low for that time of day, they can be quickly refilled.

However, if a college student intends to be gone for more than 24 hours, it is wise to have someone else check in on their dog to make sure these basic needs are met. Otherwise, their dog could be in pretty rough shape once they return.

Bathroom Breaks

Another area where a dog’s needs must be met throughout the day is in regards to bathroom breaks. Often, if a college student is only away for part of the day, it is easy to make sure they dog have enough opportunities to relieve themselves throughout the day. Similarly, if the house has a dog door, there may be no significant need to be concerned about their accessibility to the outdoors for such purposes.

However, if they will be unattended for long periods of time, it may be wise to enlist either the help of a friend, family member, or neighbor to make sure they are let out often enough, or the college student might need to look into the services of a dog walker.

One benefit of choosing a dog walker is that they can make sure the dog is able to go outside to use the bathroom while also providing them with much-needed exercise and time to socialize. This can help make sure your dog is comfortable throughout the day as well as provide methods for burning off any excess energy.

In fact, some people take it a step further and bring their dogs to doggie daycares, facilities that function similarly to daycares for children, but instead focused solely on the needs of our four-legged friends. Not only do these businesses make sure they are able to get bathroom breaks, but they also manage feeding, watering, and exercise. Additionally, the dog is often able to interact with other dogs, providing much needed socializing time throughout the day.

Special Needs

While the needs listed above are the most common requirements a dog has, each animal is different and may need more support. For example, some dogs need medication to stay healthy, and it is critical that is given at the right time.

When creating a care plan while the student is away, it is important to consider everything the individual dog needs to have a happy and fulfilled day, and do whatever is necessary to make that possible.

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