How and Why You Should Become an Interior Designer

Interior designing is one of the best careers to pursue.  Interior designing is incredibly flexible, diverse and unique.  As an interior designer you work with scales of different people and each and every day brings forth new challenges.  You can be creative on a daily basis and you have to stay on top of the latest trends, styles and products which mean constant shopping for the rest of your life! You definitely won’t be making a mistake when you choose to follow this fantastic career path.

An interior designer to live up to

If you need a good example of what to aim for when it comes to interior designing then it is time to start having a look at some of the works of Juan Pablo Molyneux.  Molyneux is one of the world’s best and most infamous interior designers.  His insights and guidance have transformed scales of buildings all over America, Europe and the Middle East.  He remodeled small homes, huge mansions and even palaces.  His work is charming and incredibly diverse.  The only main uniformity he seems to cling to be the implementation of raw and historical elements of the building along with modern elements.  He loves to combine the historical with the modern in his work.  Jaun Pablo Molyneux’s life and career is definitely a life that you need to try to pursue when you consider interior designing as a future career because the world definitely needs more designers like Molyneux.

How and Why You Should Become an Interior Designer

Qualifications for interior designer

Interior designers need more than just a fancy degree to be great.  You need a sense of creativity, a sense of style and you need a whole lot of insight to be able to transform average rooms into glorious living spaces.

Interior designing degree – There are several institutions where you can obtain a masters or bachelor’s degree in interior designing but a university or school of designing is probably the best step you can take for a sense of reputability right from the start.

Architecture – Jaun Pablo Molyneux studied architecture and not just interior designing.  His knowledge in architecture helped him become even better at his work because he wasn’t just able to put together great interiors; he was able to alter structures.  If you are planning in following in Molyneux’s footsteps then architecture should definitely be on your list.

Don’t stop there – Interior designers never stop learning and exploring and neither should you.  There is always a course or a mentor who can teach you something new.

Choose your category

You can be a general interior designer like Molyneux or you can choose to specialize in a certain field such as residential interior designing or even kitchen designing specifically.  You can also go into restoration and preservation for prehistoric buildings or perhaps try your luck at commercial designing. The sooner you decide on your category the better for your reputation.

Create your profile

A profile is a must for all interior designers. It can however be tough for you to get started with your profile if you don’t have that much to show just yet.  But you can always start out with pro-bona projects until your reputation is good enough to land you your very own projects.

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