Great Vacation Ideas for College Students

College students are definitely on a budget. Trying to arrange for vacations that are cost-effective and enjoyable can be quite challenging on a student income. However, we have some great vacation ideas for college student’s right here.

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However, if you are thinking that a trip to Cozumel is simply out of your budget, we have some more finance-friendly suggestions for you. Just keep reading to learn more.

Great Vacation Ideas for College Students

Great Vacation Ideas for College Students


Places College Students Should Visit

Some of the places on this list might surprise you. But, if you can raise the funds to get to them, the rest of the experience is certainly well within a college student’s financial means. So, consider some of these places college students should visit:

  • Amsterdam- We all know this is at the top of a lot of college student’s destinations of choice. And, since 2011, the price of travel there has decreased by 6%. So, that might make it more readily accessible.
  • Dallas-Fort Worth– Some college students are just looking for their opportunity to wear cowboy boots. And, since plane tickets to the area are definitely affordable, there should be money left over to purchase a new pair, or a first pair, while you are there.
  • San Juan– Prices for trips to Puerto Rico are down about 14%. That means it is a great place for a summer vacation experience. Plus, you should be able to book a room in Old San Juan so you are near all the historic sites and beaches. Here are some great ideas for your time there.
  • Denver– Visit Lakeside Amusement Park or catch a game at Coors Field. There are plenty of budget-friendly things to do in this locale. June is the best time during the summer to book your vacation there.
  • Florence– A visit to the Uffizi Gallery should satisfy your cultural exploration needs. But more students are probably interested in the party-scene that takes over at night. Hotels are relatively inexpensive and you can always eat pizza while you are there. They have the “real” thing.
  • Charlotte- Do not miss the Charlotte Motor Speedway and its roaring races. Or, if amusement park excitement is more your speed, the roller coasters at Carowinds are worthy of a visitation.
  • Paris- You can get round trip airfare for less than $1000. Just stick to a budget while you are there. You can enjoy the Louvre (for free) as long as you plan your trip around Bastille Day. It is all about the planning.
  • Albuquerque– If you don’t mind the sweltering heat, this is a great place to visit. There is a hot nightlife there and even spicier cuisine. Click this for some ideas while you are there.
  • Dublin- The airfare isn’t cheap but it is at least under $1000 round trip. Since most people will head to London instead, this is a perfect alternative. Enjoy the pubs on warm summer evenings. Plus you can even visit the Guinness Storehouse during your trip.

If you are still searching for additional ideas, this is a great resource.

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