Great TV Shows You Can Watch When You Take a Break from Studies

Watching TV is always a good break from studies.  You can snuggle comfortable on your couch with a cup of coffee and have a few laughs.  There is no need for you to get dressed, spend a dime of your money or travel.  You can simply lounge in your most comfortable outfits and enjoy a bit of quiet time with just you and your furry friend.  Spending time alone can be good for you because you can truly be yourself without a single worry about being cool and you can watch whatever you like.  TV shows are a great source of entertainment and watching old family shows is a great way to reconnect with old memories of your family life.  Here is the top TV shows you can watch when you take a break from studies.

Great TV Shows You Can Watch When You Take a Break from Studies

 7th Heaven

This family show is a bit of a blast from the past but still one of the best family shows ever created.  Stephen Collins plays the role of the reverend Erik Camden.  He has seven children that each continuously faces different challenges that he has to do his best to cope with.  7th Heaven is a terrific show to watch if you miss your family because the show is so realistic and, well, family life like.  People of all ages can relate to the show because there are family members of all ages and they all deal with real issues that we face in real life.

Game of Thrones

This is one of the most intriguing TV series ever created.  The show is basically about wars between kingdoms. All Game of Thrones fans are constantly chewing their fingernails whether they are waiting for the next show or busy watching the show.  One of the main reasons why this show is so unexpected and deviant is because the writer, George R.R Martin is so secretive when writing the fantasy novels.  The actors don’t even know when their characters are going to die.  If you love a show that is filled with twists, turns, shocks and raw adventure then this is definitely the best show to watch.

The Big Bang Theory

This is one of the most watched TV shows of 2016.  The Big Bang Theory centers around five characters from California who share an apartment.  What makes this show unique and different is the geekiness of all of the characters.  Their comments and arguments are often hilarious and the things they are up to offers great entertainment.  This is definitely a great show to watch if you need a good laugh.

The Walking Dead

Who doesn’t want to watch a show about a zombie apocalypse and a few survivors who battle it out to stay alive?  The Walking Dead is also one of the most watched TV shows of 2016 and will definitely get your mind off your stressful studies when you take a break.  Thus far there are 8 seasons to this show and still more to come.  The series started in 2010 and is still incredibly popular.

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