Great Sites for Completing College-Level Research Online

When researching a college paper, you need to make sure that your resources are sound. Often, that means bypassing sites that can be edited by anyone under the sun, like Wikipedia, and finding sites worthy of attribution long-term. But, if you have just begun completing papers at this level, you might not have a wealth of options at your fingertips. To help you find creditable sources from a range of subjects, consider giving these sites a try.

Great Sites for Completing College-Level Research Online

Dove Press

Dove Press provides access to a variety of peer-reviewed journals focused on the medical field, including subjects in the areas of science and technology. The system is considered fairly easy to use, and works can be submitted from authors located across the globe. This means you may find credible studies and research documents that aren’t your everyday articles that most others would reference.

National Geographic

National Geographic provides information on a range of topics including science, history, culture, and locations around the globe. The information contained within the presented articles are well researched and can provide a wealth of information in a reader-friendly format.

While most people are familiar with the National Geographic brand, it isn’t commonly thought of as a source for collegiate level research.

Government Health Sites

Whether you need information about various medical conditions, basic nutrition, or a range of other health topics, there are numerous government-run websites that can provide high-quality information with the simple click of a mouse.

The National Institute of Health provides information on a range of health topics. Some of the information is very user-friendly while others are very technical in nature. Additionally, the U.S. National Library of Medicine is part of the National Institute of Health.

The Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion is also an excellent source of information. They cover topics like nutrition as well as exercise guidelines for the general public.

Recognized Charities

Certain charitable organizations make significant efforts in the area of research as well as providing the public with access to more information about a variety of topics. For example, the American Heart Association and the American Cancer Society can be excellent sources for news about their respective areas of concentration.

General Advice about Selecting Sources

When you are conducting research for college papers, it is important to select your sources wisely. Often, anything that can be edited by anyone interested in doing so may contain faulty information. While most people try to make these sites a high-quality experience, not everyone who chooses to edit these works has those goals in mind. However, they can provide links to other external sources that may be of value. Normally, those links are included at the bottom of the page.

Even when you are getting information from trusted sources, you may want to check the date on the material you are referencing. While certain information is generally known to be fact and has been for some time, other sources may be out of date. This can especially be a risk when you are researching in the areas of science, medicine, or technology. Changes in these fields are common, so finding sources that were created recently is often a wiser choice.

If you are ever in doubt regarding the quality of the information of a source located online, attempt to confirm the information through a trusted site. If you are not able to do so, then it may be better to skip that information than risk including inaccuracies in you work.

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