Gadgets: Do They Help or Harm Children’s Learning?

“Do electronic gadgets harm or help children’s learning?” This is one of the common questions you hear people asking these days – experts, teachers, parents, and even children themselves.

Since the introduction of advanced technology and electronics, such as Smartphone, laptops, and tablets, life become much easier for people. Today, with just a few clicks, you can get whatever you need – from food and clothing to accessories and personal hygiene products. In fact, a lot of parents support the usage of electronic gadgets; most of them even encourage their children to use such items by buying them with the newest thing as they believe that gadgets help their children learn faster.

Gadgets Do They Help or Harm Children’s Learning

Well, that’s not a surprise as during our parents’ time, the only tool for learning is a book. Sure, computers were already available, but that time, most people didn’t have easy access to them. Computers before were very expensive. So in order to get information and complete their school homework, most of our parents needed to visit public libraries and look through huge pile of books, which is (as you imagine) very exhausting. That’s one of the reasons why many parents today support the usage of gadgets as with them, their children can easily get any information they need. This makes learning and completing of school projects much easier and faster.

However, with more and more studies being done showing how gadgets badly affect students’ learning, in addition to witnessing the growing number of children getting addicted to them, many parents are now doubting if it’s really right to let their children use these modern tools. So, are electronic gadgets a problem or a solution?

The answer is…it depends.

Electronic gadgets are truly useful as learning tools. With them, you can easily access a lot of programs and information, which is crucial for learning – instant dictionaries, e-books, graphics, and so on. And according to studies, e-book readers are helpful in increasing kids’ interest in reading as well as promoting reading comprehension. E-readers contain various features that help students become more engaged in the learning process.

However, while gadgets seem to be a good way to educate your children, you shouldn’t consider them as the “only” way for learning. Keep in mind that exposure to gadgets can also put your children at risk to addiction, which can lead to obesity, sleep disorder, and depression. Just like everything else in life, you should only allow your kids to use gadget in moderation. Better if you supervise them and educate them about the proper usage of such tools.

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