Fun-filled college activities you should indulge in

There are lots of fun-filled college activities you can indulge in, while mini-Olympics and cultural fests are very popular, you may also want to indulge in outdoor activities such as flyfishing.

You want to go on fly fishing tour but you don’t want to appear as a beginner to your tour guide, because it may be embarrassing, for this reason, all you have to do is earn some basic fly fishing skills, regardless of the fishing conditions of the region you are going for the fly fishing tour. Here are some skills you may want to practice before you embark on a fly fishing expedition;

Fun-filled college activities you should indulge in

#1: Make sure you don’t go under-gunned with rods

Sometimes it is ideal to practice with several variations of rods, and if you have a second rod, make sure you increase the line weight rather than go down. If you are looking to catch bonefish for instance, you may want use an 8 weight rod , however, you need to bring  9 weight rod with you just in case the weather conditions wouldn’t be favourable- for instance, on windy situations, secondly, some fly fishing tour operators may not provide variable weight rods. Making use of different weight rods is important, some fly fishing guides will advise that you use lighter rods especially for your first fly fishing trip and the reason being that lighter rods can be cast longer than weighty rods, but in windy situations, weighty rods may help you have more catch because they can resist the wind better than light rods. For more information on fly-fishing equipment, click here.

#2: make use of a tip flex rod because it protects lighter loops, especially on windy days

Even if you are a mid-flex caster, it is important that you keep a tip flex rod just in case a string wind builds up while you are fly-fishing. The tip flex rod will help you control your loop and ensures that it remains as small as possible. With a smaller loop, only a small part of the line will be exposed to the wind and it can cast further and more accurately into the sea. In addition, make sure you concentrate on the casting stroke.

#3: You may want to over-line your fishing rod

Over-lining your fishing rod is another trick that may help you in windy fly-fishing conditions. Assuming you are making use of an 8 weight rod and you are fishing on a very windy day, you may want to put a 9 weight rod as a backup on the reel, you will quickly discover how easier for it to load, and it will be easier for it to turn and punch over flies, especially in a windy condition than a single 8 weight rod. Some anglers may want to go to smaller lines, because the diameter of such lines are smaller hence they may be less affected by the wind.

There is a reason you should go to bigger lines, and that is, you will be able to avoid the biggest impediments to the to the fly you are trying to turn over, but using a lighter line will make casting more challenging, especially when the weather is unfavourable. Though there are casters who are capable of controlling lines with smaller diameters, but as a beginner or someone who has less experience in fly fishing, using the bigger lines with larger diameter will definitely help you turn over the fly quickly, likewise it helps you punch further into the wind.

For more information on how to enjoy the most of your fly fishing trip especially if you are beginner, you should try and contact playa del Carmen fly fishing guides, they have decades of experience in helping beginners and experts achieve the most from their fly fishing trips, all year round.

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