Fun Celebration Ideas for Working College Students

Not all college students have the privilege to enjoy a care free student life.  A lot of students have to also work to cover their college fees and living expenses.  While it is a lot harder to find time for studying and work you also reap a lot of benefits such as more work experience and improved job security.  Working also doesn’t have to be terrible.  As a young worker you probably still has a lot of energy to go around and you are in the unique position to bring some fun back into the workplace by giving your boss and colleagues some great ideas for celebrations that will keep everyone positive and happy.  Positivity in the workplace can be tough and any employer will be thrilled to have a spirited young person with lots of flair for celebrations on their team to help strengthen team bonds.

Fun Celebration Ideas for Working College Students

The best way to celebrate Christmas with your colleagues

For the best Xmas Parties in Leicester for the entire office you simply have to check out Mistletoe & Moonlight.  This celebration company hosts a huge Christmas celebration party each year and invites businesses from all over to join in on the fun for the best Christmas celebration ever. Companies can buy tickets for all office members affordably and everyone can enjoy a fantastic celebration that includes a red carpet welcome, great live entertainment, four star treatment, a three course traditional Christmas dinner, casino tables and all the dancing that you and your colleagues can handle.  And the best part is that everything is already arranged and ready for you without costing the company an extra dime.

Ideas for office birthday fun

The best way to build strong relationships with all your colleagues is to spoil them a bit by celebrating your co-workers birthday at the office. . Create a beautiful happy birthday sign, stuff a lot of balloons into the birthday boy or girl’s office and get everyone in the office to dish in some cash for a small birthday gift and some cake.  Planning some birthday party fun for colleagues can definitely help you build a stronger relationship with everyone and will reduce a lot of tension in the new workplace.

Big ideas for a happy year end function

Most businesses are open to new ideas for yearend functions because these functions are a great way to say thank you for a year of hard work and to build a good bond between colleagues.  Here are just a few great ideas for a year end function that you can pitch for your boss;

  • Get everyone to go on a camping trip.  Camping is a great way to get to know everyone better and is great fun.
  • Choose a local resort and get your boss to stick everyone for a bit of holiday fun for a weekend.
  • Ask your boss to buy tickets for a grand show that everyone would love to see.

Turn your office into a disco party.

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