Find Employment Shortly After Graduating With These Tips

Everyone will tell you that good grades and a good education is all you will ever need to land a great job.  But in truth you need a lot more than that, especially when you don’t have any working experience at all.  Most employing companies will give preference to candidates that have good work experience simply because they are already settled into working hours, they are already used to following rules and regulations, they know basic work conduct and experience gives you valuable lessons that no book will ever provide.  It can be terribly tough to convince a company that you are worth employing when you have absolutely no working experience.  How do you convince them to give you a chance?  How do you prove to them that you can apply theoretical information in practical situations? Well, here are some tips to remember when you are nearing your final exams and want to start looking out for a good job.

Find Employment Shortly After Graduating With These Tips

Ask for advice from HR companies

HR companies specialize in connecting the right people to the right jobs.  They are constantly working with employers and candidates and they know exactly what companies are looking for when they are considering applicants.  HR advice is just what you need when you are creating your resume, when you are practicing for interviews and when you decide on what to wear for interviews.

Your resume is incredibly important

You can have the best qualifications in the world and still won’t land that great job if your resume is bad.  Different companies value different types of skills and information.  Construction companies, for example, don’t care much about your personal appearance but considers your personal strength and skills.  Fashion industries will pay special attention to your look when considering your application.  It might be wise to consult with your HR Company regarding the best information to put on your resume so you can create a short resume that targets your best skills.

Practice interviews

Yes, you feel like a complete idiot to practice for resumes but this is the best way to boost your chances of landing that perfect job.  Get a parent, friend or even teacher to act as a recruiter and to ask you some of the most frequently asked interview questions as well as a few unexpected questions to teach you to cope with pressure.  Recording your practice interview can also be great because you will be able to see whether you look professional, nervous, elegant, sluggish and more which will enable you to correct these mistakes.

Send your resume to these companies;

HR companies – The quickest and best way to find employment is to send your curriculum to an HR company.  These companies will apply to all matching job opportunities on your behalf and they can look for the best and most suitable opportunities for your skills and qualifications.

Recruiting websites – Lots of recruiting websites enable you to apply for various positions and even create a virtual resume that interested employers can view online.

Create profiles on freelancing sites – Freelancing is a great way to get some valuable experience even though you haven’t landed a contract position yet.  Look out for freelancing websites and create yourself a good online resume so you can start working and earning an income while you wait for the perfect opportunity.

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