Effective ways for students to save money

Studying is expensive and if you don’t use your money carefully you might struggle to make it at your chosen college. There are so many students that are forced to get student loans, credit cards and a heap of other debt options. It is better to save and think of tomorrow. Getting a part-time job will give you the few extra bucks that you need for pocket money but don’t splurge, rather work well and learn to budget early in your life. Keeping your credit score up and learning about finances as a student will set you up for an adult budget and life.  Here are a few effective methods to avoid sitting in a rut with a zero balance.

Textbooks shouldn’t rob you blind

You don’t necessarily have to have new textbooks. It costs a lot more to buy your books new rather buy secondhand textbooks or rent your books. There are always books available for rent at the college library or you can search online for used textbooks that other students are selling. You might end up paying half of what you would have paid for new books.

Have meals in rather than out

Instead of eating at cafeterias or restaurants with your friends make your own easy meals. There are so many websites that offer advice for first-time cooks to hone their culinary skills. Make eating out a treat and limit it to a couple of times a month. Click here for some great student recipes.

Effective ways for students to save money

Keep your credit card for emergencies

It is incredibly easy to swipe a card but things can get out of hand pretty easily. The best way to tackle it is by keeping your credit card paid up. If you really need to use it pay it up as soon as you are able to. There are too many students that finish their studies and end up with a heap of credit card debt. Read more about keeping your credit score up.

Transport options to save more

Instead of paying for maintenance or fuel for your own car take a walk, ride the bus or use a bicycle. You will do your part for the environment and save a lot of money on travel costs. By cycling and walking you will feel healthier and perform better, get some good old Vitamin D.

Flight options when visiting home

When visiting home look up a few options, shop around for cheap flights. There are so many fantastic websites that offer student rates and great flight options to get back to mom and dad at a very reasonable price. Always spend more on the trip than you would on the journey.

Always shop around for student discounts

You are a student, take advantage of the perks. There are so many stores that offer student discounts. Look around for every saving you can make, this should be for groceries and entertainment items. Don’t pay double for luxury items, opt for the cheaper ones.

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