Creating the perfect study space

To study effectively you need the right study space. Clutter in your study area is distracting and will keep your mind off your work. By creating the right study space you will automatically gain the right mindset and improve the results from your studying because your space will suit your person learning needs. You only need the right equipment, organization and a schedule to reach your full potential with your studies. Here are a few great tips that will help you create the perfect study space.

Creating the perfect study space

The ideal space for you

Determine and assess whether you want a silent room where you can focus better or if you prefer having a bit of background noise or music to concentrate better. Find the space that is most suitable in your home for your study. Make sure the temperature is comfortable, too hot might make you sleepy and too cold might be uncomfortable.  Hardwood floors create ambience and will give you a warm and cozy study environment. So take a look at the for tips on keeping mom’s hardwood floors well maintained to create the perfect and cool study environment.

The essentials

Set yourself up right with the right desk and a comfortable chair, not too comfortable because you need to have the right posture and be able to stay awake during your studies. Also get hold of a reliable and updated computer. Be sure to set up your desk area so that your wrists, neck and everything else is comfortable as you will be spending a lot of time there. Click here to read more about desk posture. Make sure you have sufficient lighting in you study area to avoid too much strain on your eyes.

The sound barrier

If you are the type of person that requires silence during study you would need to inform your family of your study times so that they can keep it down. If you are the type that likes a bit of music invest in a couple of instrumental albums or nature sounds apps. Your family needs to keep you in consideration but it doesn’t have to be an inconvenience for them either.


Keep your desk and your study area organized at all times. There are people that believe their organized chaos is crucial for successful work but it is not good to have too much clutter on your desk as it will be distracting and might cause you not too focus on the task at hand. Take the time to clean up your study area every day after a session.

Time keeping

Keep a wall clock mounted above your desk to make sure you are sticking to your schedule and that you are taking sufficient breaks. It is important to rest up during study sessions to keep your mind fresh and engaged.  Read more about the best study schedule.

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