College Students Need to Do More Camping

Let’s face it, getting through college is a challenging task. And, since there’s rarely much money to go on weekend excursions, college students need to do more camping. There are a host of reasons why camping is good for you and one of those is that it relieves stress. And, who’s more stressed out than college kids with pending exams?

Sure, college is going to get you ready for the big bad world. But, if some kind of apocalyptic event happens before you get to face that world, you and your friends will need one man survival tents. They are very different from ordinary camping tents as they are specifically designed with emergencies in mind. So, before that kind of emergency becomes a reality, why not get some fun wilderness experience while everything is still pretty normal in the world?

These Are the Reasons You Need to Go Camping in College

Even if this will be your first jaunt out into the wilderness, we assure you that it will be well worth it. Camping is an experience that we should all have. It gives us the ability to step outside of the day to day drudgery and learn to appreciate the planet that has been entrusted to us for safe keeping. These are the reasons you need to go camping in college:

  • Studies show that college kids spend too much time on their cell phones. So, stepping away from that rather invasive and much too needy technology is a good thing. Though many camping sites offer wi-fi, we suggest you refrain from using it. Besides, there are studies that show cell phone usage is bad for your health. Let your body and mind recuperate on this adventure.
  • Fresh air is truly good for your health. Getting outside into the fresh air, while surrounded by nature can have a clearing effect for your mind. Add to that the fact that the pure oxygen released by trees has the ability to aid in digestion, and improve blood pressure, and you will realize this is the right choice for you. Plus, this green exercise, breathing in fresh air, can help reduce all that unwanted stress you have been dealing with for far too long. Learn more.
  • Taking the time to pull away from life’s craziness is relaxing. And, since studies show that 85% of college students feel overwhelmed by all their studies, it’s easy to see why you need to relax. So, take the chill pill on a camping endeavor. Sit back and enjoy the campfire, friends, good conversation, and a multitude of stars (read this). The world truly is a gorgeous place when you take the time to sit back and enjoy it.
  • Fall in love with nature, it’s worth it. College students are mentally fatigued. Being out in nature can help alleviate that malady. You will find that spending time in the woods can increase your abilities for memory-related tasks, which, as we all know, is pretty much all college is about. Use this time as restoration therapy for your mind and soul.
  • Camping doesn’t cost much so it’s perfect for broke college kids. You have spent your last dime on taking coursework toward your major and all the books that go along with it. When you go in on this adventure with friends you can do it with very little out of pocket expense. Surely someone you know has the gear, and hotdogs and marshmallows don’t cost that much anyway. Find the cheapest places to go camping here.

Think about how you want to feel and then consider taking some time out to go camping to ensure you can achieve that sense of well-being.

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