College Spring Break in Mexico

College students are always looking for exciting things to do over spring break. So, why not take your college spring break in Mexico? Surely there are plenty of great things to do while you are there. And, since you will have a week to explore, we have some excellent suggestions for you.

Consider taking a Cozumel jeep and snorkel tour. The best thing about this part of the adventure is that you can choose whether you want to drive, or be chauffeured by a knowledgeable native guide. The tours offered at the link above allow for completely private experiences instead of having a packed jeep including people you don’t know. And, you can pick your own itinerary.

Of course, there’s more to Mexico than Cozumel. And, we have some wonderful ideas for your spring break experience there. Keep reading to find out the best places to spend your time.

College Spring Break in Mexico

College Spring Break in Mexico

Don’t Miss Places to Visit While in Mexico on Spring Break

Every year college students from the US gather to celebrate their flourishing adulthood and to party way beyond the time the sun goes down. Beaches across the country are packed with students. So, it makes sense that you would want to do something a little more exotic. No doubt that is why you have planned your spring break trip to Mexico. So, these are the “don’t miss” places to visit while you are there:

  • Merida– Merida is well known for its distinctive language and cuisine. And, it is the historic Yucatán capital city. Plus, you will have the chance to experience a good deal of Mayan culture as it is readily integrated into the city’s own culture.
  • Puerto Vallarta– Spring break brings a wealth of American college students here each year. The city has self-proclaimed it’s standing as the “Friendliest City in the World.” Its nightlife is very well known and there are tons of beachfront hotels to choose from when you are booking your trip.
  • Campeche- Located on the Yucatán Peninsula’s western flank, Campeche is chock full of colonial Spanish and Mayan history. This is Mexico’s only walled city and the jungles that surround it are rife with ancient ruins from the Mayans. Learn more about the rich history of Campeche.
  • Tulum- One of the best beaches in Mexico is over-looked by the Mayan ruins of Tulum. And, if you are really into yoga, this is a serious yoga destination.
  • Playa del Carmen– The main attraction of Playa del Carmen is its locally made craft boutiques, tequila shops, and restaurants all located on Fifth Avenue. And, then, of course, there’s the beach which is only four blocks away.
  • Cancun- The reputation for spring break parties in Cancun goes back decades. But, there are so many luscious beachfront resorts, that you don’t have to succumb to the party life while there.
  • Isla Mujeres– Hop on a boat from Cancun to arrive at Isla Mujeres. It’s especially well-loved by those more eco-conscious thanks to its sea turtle conservation center, and the MUSA underwater sculpture museum. Click this to find out interesting information about MUSA.

While we have made some incredible suggestions for your time in Mexico, it is also very important for us to ensure you are safe while you are there. Please read this before you make any plans to go there.

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