College Gear and Gadgets

It’s time, the fall is upon us and students are gearing up to return to college if they aren’t already there. When it comes to preparing for college, there are some must haves for every dorm room and attendee. But, if you don’t know what the coolest gear and gadgets are, you might be behind the times when you return to university life.

First things first, though, you have to get the right backpack and you can do that right here: They’ve got minimalist backpacks, canvas bags, laptop bags, roll-top backpacks and a variety of other options. You’re sure to find a backpack to fit your style and college course requirements (something that can hold all your textbooks and gadgets).

College Gear and Gadgets

The Gear and Gadgets You’re Looking for

Now that you’ve determined which backpack is best going to fulfill your needs, it’s time to learn everything you can about the latest gadgets calling your name. And there are some really cool ones. Some for productivity and some for entertainment. So without further ado, check out this list of must have gear and gadgets:

  • Pivot Power Surge Protector- You’ll need this to power and protect all your new found gadgetry. It’s got five feet of extension and six outlets. But the coolest part about this essential bit of gear is its ability to bend so that all your weird shaped plugs can fit too.
  • Nimbus Smart Dashboard- You can customize the four dials in this pretty amazing piece of techno genius. It can function as your alarm clock, the provider of your social media and email updates, even your Fitbit stats. Learn more about it here.
  • Fitbit Flex- Since we mentioned your ability to get the stats on your Nimbus Dashboard, we figured we should include the Flex on this list as well. College is notorious for potential weight gain so keeping track of your travels with this wearable fitness gadget might be worthwhile.
  • External Hard Drive- You never know when your computer might crash. And, yeah, we are putting all our important docs and pics in the cloud these days, but is that really smart? Who knows when that cloud might dissipate? Or precipitate and rain out all your data? Yep, that’s a good reason to back-up your docs and images on an external hard drive.
  • Bluetooth Coffee Maker- With the assistance of the WeMo App you can get that coffee brewing from the library. That way, when you get back and have to stay up all night to continue studying, the fuel you need will already be within reach, and taste.
  • OtterBox Resurgence Case- You’ll be running around like a college student with no direction on a pretty regular basis. Jogging from one class to the next, barely time to do anything but eat and study. So, purchasing this protective gear for your phone will add that extra battery life your hectic one will require.
  • Smart Notebook- Created by the ever popular, Evernote brand, it’s a classic Moleskine notebook but with a bit of an upgrade. You can pair it with the Evernote App and transfer your handwritten notes to digital form. There are organization and sharing options available through the app too. It’s pretty incredible. Click this to learn about this newfangled gadget.

College is the place to learn new and life changing things. You might as well employ some great gear and gadgets as well. And if you need more suggestions, read this.

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