Cocktail Recipes for the College Student

As a college student, you tend to stress over different things. You may stress over the projects that you have to give on time. You may stress about your roommates as well as the different classes that you have to take. At times, you may even worry about the fees that you have to pay in college and you cannot help but compute when is the next time that you are going to have money so that you can pay the dues.

Making a cocktail may not be the first thing on your mind but there will be moments when you would like to relax and having a cocktail can be a good idea. If you would check Micropub Staffordshire, you will see that there are different types of ales and beers available. You can become inspired to check what they have to offer. Most likely, you will find some that you would like to imitate from your dorm room.

College Cocktails for Students with Limited Budgets

There may be some things that will stop you from making elaborate drinks. For example, you may not have your own refrigerator at your dorm room. Perhaps you may not have the right place where you can create various drinks. If in case you are having a hard time making a drink, you may choose to just drink beer but if you want something different, here are some recipes that are worth checking out:

  1. Fat Frog

If you would like to have a drink that tastes similarly to Skittles, you know that this may be the best drink for you to try. You may need various alcohol pops that are brightly coloured. Mix three different types and you will have a very sweet and easy to do student cocktail.

  1. Sangria

There are a lot of students who love drinking this when summer is almost near but you can prepare and drink this anytime and you will not be disappointed. You just need some red wine, lemonade, a few peeled apples and of course, do not forget the ice.

  1. TVR

This may not be the best drink to serve if you are not sure about the health condition of the other students who will also drink but for sure, you will feel hyper and different when you drink this. You would need vodka, Red Bull and just a little bit of tequila in order to make this drink. You have to be prepared though that this may not taste as nice as you would like it to.

  1. Gin and Tonic

If in case you want something very simple, you can make use of gin and tonic together. You do not need to have pen and paper just to remember the ingredients. You simply need gin and tonic and a few lemons and limes.

  1. Cherry Cola

You already know that cherry coke is not exactly popular but there are a few people who actually like it. If you would like to make more people like Cherry Coke, you can take it to a whole new level. Mix vodka, cherry Sourz and coke together.

Now that you have various recipes of cocktails that you want, you can simply make them whenever you want to.

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