Change your brain by hiking

Starting out on your studies is always exciting.  There are plenty of new challenges, new things to see and new people to meet.  But fast forward a couple of months into your semester and you can easily find yourself drowning in too much stress while combating depression.  Hiking is the perfect hobby to take on when everything from your dorm to your classroom starts to seem dark, lonely, depressing and boring.  In fact, hiking might be the best possible hobby for students because researchers have found that you can actually change your brain and improve studies through hiking.

Change your brain by hiking

Hiking will change your brain

Hiking is a good workout and any form of exercise is always good for your mind because exercise boosts oxygen levels in your mind which promotes clear thinking.  But students can also enjoy some terrific other benefits when they enjoy hiking like the following;

Solve problems easier – Researchers have found that hiking without technological distractions like your smartphone can improve your creativity levels by up to 50 percent, especially if you are focused on solving problems yourself and on enjoying your surroundings and natural environment.

Remember better – Scientists at the University of Pittsburgh did a study in 2010 and found that taking a 40 minute stroll about three times a week can increase the size of your hippocampus – your brain’s memory. This breakthrough in research have resulted in many other institutions recommending long walks for improved memory and is changing the way in which Alzheimer disease sufferers are treated.

Reduced stress and depression levels – Walking also wards off depression and reduces your stress levels especially if you take a different route each time that brings forth different challenges to focus on.

The right shoes make all the difference

Decided to take on this hobby?  Well good you definitely won’t be making a mistake especially since hiking will cost you practically nothing.  It is however important to invest in proper hiking shoes.  A good hiking boot will protect your feet against injuries while you are taking journeys, the boots will keep your feet dry and disease free and will provide you with comfort so you can enjoy long walks without any sprains and pains.  Shop for a pair of the best summer hiking boots and start your new hobby the right way so you won’t have any regrets along your trips.

Don’t go hiking alone

Hiking alone can be dangerous for various reasons. If you slip and fall there won’t be anyone who can help you and, more importantly, you can fall victim to dangerous people that love to pry on the innocence of students.  Take along a buddy or three on your hiking trips.  The company is always good anyway.

A few extra basics to take along

A GPS watch and your cellphone will help you keep track of where you are going and will give you a way to call for help in emergencies.  You should also take along enough water because dehydration can have serious effects on your brain.  A few sweet snacks will also keep your energy levels high while you enjoy your hiking trips.

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