Careers in Case College Doesn’t Work For You

We all know that our parents desire us to succeed in college. And, sometimes, if you have enough money you can buy that piece of paper without too much effort. However, there are those of us that despite the massive amounts of effort and hope we invest in our college endeavors, we are still not going to make the grade. So what do we do in situations like that? We learn the best careers for just in case college doesn’t work out.

We have done the research for you if your GPA is looking less like graduation material than your parents would prefer. In fact, we can direct you towards some great paying careers that don’t require a college degree. Your parents want the best for you and they were taught that success equated with college. But, if you can land a job that pays well, they will be just as pleased.

Careers in Case College Doesn’t Work For You

10 Great Careers That Don’t Require a Degree

College has long been the end all be all for your educational and employment aspirations. However, there are some great opportunities out there for people without degrees too. You don’t have to submit to fast food and Wal-Mart. Here are the top 10 great non-degree requiring careers on our list:

  1. Handyman– No, it doesn’t sound like a lucrative career, but a decent handyman often makes more money yearly than a teacher with a Master’s degree! Learn to install vinyl flooring, repair plaster, and hang drywall and you might just find yourself making bank on your own terms.
  2. Gas Plant Operators– In this position you will distribute and process the gas for utility companies. Looking into those places that provide natural gas will be more beneficial than the ones that are attached to coal as a power source. In this position you can make a median of nearly 64K.
  3. Linemen- Although it is definitely a dangerous job, these guys end up doing pretty well for themselves. They get to fix damaged wires and be some of the first responders in case of natural disasters. They help restore power quickly to damaged areas. So there’s a bit of a helpful, make a difference, aspect to this career which rakes in about 64K yearly. Learn more.
  4. Mail Managers– Actually, they are called postmasters and their pay ranges between 65K and 84K. Since you only need a high school diploma to get a job with the United States Postal Service, the younger you start, the sooner you can move up the ranks and begin realizing the benefits of this public service.
  5. Inspectors– The individuals, especially those who work in the transportation industry for the railroads, airports, and urban transits, are enjoying a fairly lucrative career. While 65K is nothing to sneeze at, there’s always the potential for upward mobility. In fact, some of the best paid inspectors are making nearly 115K. Read this.
  6. Commercial Pilot– No, you won’t be able to work for the big name air companies, but there are a lot of smaller charter and tour firms that will be willing to invest in you once you have logged all the necessary hours. You do have to pass the Federal Aviation Administration’s tests too. But, that could mean 75K-136K. That’s better than your BS in psychology will ever get you. Click here for more information

College is great, and if you’re any good at it, then earns the degree. However if it’s been nothing but trouble for you, look into the careers we mentioned here instead.

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