Best Guns for College Students

When you go away to college, you enter a new world that is quite open for people of all walks of life. This means that there is a distinct possibility you will need to know how to defend yourself. Obviously, you can invest in some beneficial self-defense classes. But, you might also want to consider the best guns for college students as well.

The guns in this list are phenomenal when it comes to considering home, and self-defense, options. Certainly, you will need to ensure you adhere to the rules and regulations on your campus. Most of them have rules prohibiting weaponry. But if you choose to live off campus, you will have the option to own personal defense tools.

Best Guns for College Students

Top 7 Guns for Self Defense

This list is certainly not all inclusive, and many people will gladly argue their positions on certain guns and brands. However, this list should serve as a marvelous starting point in your gun search. Your college years are definitely a time to enjoy, but do so with some protection in hand. So, without further ado, check out these top 7 guns:

  1. AR-15- We put this at the top of the list knowing full well that you probably won’t need this one for college protection purposes. But, you might want to go hunting on your winter breaks. If that’s indeed the case, you will need to investigate the best AR-15 scope to add to the hunting repertoire.
  2. Stoeger Coach Gun- These were used by stagecoach driver’s way back in the day. These guns are powerful and simple and very effective. They come in 12 and 20 gauge varieties. The Stoeger is easy to use, it’s a side by side shotgun. It will be quite ideal in tight spaces (like your college apartment). Click this to learn more.
  3. Smith & Wesson J Frame- The police have used this gun for decades. Varying calibers are available. It is quite accurate and pretty powerful. You can customize it with after-market grips so that it will be the perfect fit for our hand’s comfort.
  4. X-26 Taser- We know this isn’t a gun but we also understand that some people are really uncomfortable with the idea of employing deadly force, even if it means their own lives will be saved. However, its 15 foot buffer zone will employ a nearly equivalent blow. Learn more.
  5. Taurus Judge- This revolver is quite possibly the most popular one in the US. A well-placed shot will hit multiple parts of the body. The bad guy will certainly hit the ground after this one.
  6. Ruger 10-22- A hugely popular, perhaps best-selling, gun that is not nearly as powerful as some of the others mentioned. However, a vital organ will have a hard time telling the difference between a .22 and any other penetrating shot. Read more.
  7. 1911- Probably the most transformational gun on our list. This one has a lot of options and accessories. It is specifically designed for the customizability your college idealism desires. And its short trigger makes it simplistic to shoot.

Guns are not toys, and though you’re going to have a lot of fun times while in college, it is essential that you take every precaution necessary to be safe. Take a gun safety course before you ever own a weapon.

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