Best Camping Hammocks for College Students

Most people have fun during their college days and one of the ways of having fun is through camping. Camping does not have to be in tents but can be done on hammocks too. This provides a twist to your usual camping experience which is mostly in tents. To enjoy the experience more, you need the right camping hammock and to know the best camping hammocks there are basics that you need to know that you should look out for. They include:

The material used

Most of the time, camping hammocks are made of nylon material. This is because nylon is strong, durable and at the same time light weight. As much as nylon is light and cooling, it may not be very suitable for very cold weather hence you will have to carry other complimentary items for warmth. There are others however that will opt for cotton hammocks though they are heavy, hard to carry around and may not be very suitable to tropical conditions.

Best Camping Hammocks for College Students

Size of hammock

Different hammocks come in different sizes which may either be suitable for one person or a couple. The width and length varies and this will depend on one’s preference. There are those who prefer big hammocks and there are those who just prefer a small hammock, it will depend.

Hammock accessories

Hammocks come with different accessories and there are those that have more accessories than others. The more accessories the hammock has the better, because it will save you the hustle of having to buy a new accessory. A hammock should come with straps, carabineers, a bug net and a rain fly.

Type of hammock

As much as you may be looking for a camping hammock, there is different types of camping hammocks it depends on how you want to use it. Some of the common hammocks include the parachute nylon single and double camping hammock, the ultra-light model and the backpacking or expedition hammocks.

Now that we know what to look for in a camping hammock, the question remains what are the best camping hammocks? Some of the best camping hammocks include:

Outpost camping hammock

As the name suggest, this is a great hammock for outdoor adventures. It has been made using high quality 70D parachute nylon materials that makes it very durable. It has a great suspension system to make sure that you have enough space.

Bear Butt Double parachute camping hammock

This is one of the best camping hammocks for couples. Has been made with very high material to make sure it serves it function well and is comfortable and long lasting. It can support a large weight of up to 500lbs. Another thing that gives it a plus is that it is very lightweight with a weight of only 1.5 pounds hence very portable.

Winner outfitters double camping hammock

This is a great compact camping hammock that is very light weight. It is made with very high quality material and is great for hiking.

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