Baby Science Your Professor Probably Doesn’t Know About

Sometimes it feels good to know more than the professor. And, since you are in college to garner all you can from his/her extreme knowledge, that opportunity is pretty rare. Even if your professors are parents, there are quite a few new scientific discoveries they probably haven’t heard about. So, if you are taking an anatomy and physiology class, or one focused on developmental psychology, these tidbits of trivia could help boost your grade.

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Baby Science Your Professor Probably Doesn’t Know About

Baby Science to Shock the Professor

Sure, college is all about gaining information and experience from those who are far better educated than you are. However, sometimes it is pretty cool to throw out some baby science to shock the professor. You will look like an invested student, and that can’t hurt your grades. Take note of these interesting developments:

  • Obesity and biological age. Scientists have discovered a link between a mother’s obesity levels and the biological age of her newborn. In fact, they are saying that children born to obese mothers are biologically older than those born to women of average weight. You can read the whole piece by clicking this.
  • Babies of opioid users are less attractive. It’s a small study, but it suggests that people think babies born to opioid addicts are not as cute as those born to non-addicts.
  • Marijuana smoking during pregnancy is not linked to birth risks. That should be great news for a lot of college students. You can read that article right here.
  • Baby stroller head injuries are on the rise. You would think babies were safe in their strollers, but that is apparently not the case.
  • Zika may be linked to a rare birth defect that harms the joints. Great information in case you didn’t have enough to worry about with the potential of a Zika infection thanks to too many mosquitoes in your area.
  • Women are waiting longer to have their first baby. This is interesting because if you happen to wait to have a child after 35, they tell you that you are of advanced maternal age and that makes you feel incredibly old.
  • Kangaroo-style care is good for a newborn’s health. Holding your baby in a skin to skin manner has been shown to aid in better health. It may decrease the potential for SIDS. Learn more about it.
  • Babies born prematurely are on the decline in the US. In fact, the percentage of babies born prematurely has dropped to a 17 year low!
  • Children born via C-section might have an increased propensity towards obesity. This study suggests that there’s a tie between obesity and C-section births. Read it if you are interested.

Armed with those 9 pieces of baby science, you might be able to shock your professor. And, if you have taken our advice, you will be able to do it without the scent of old diapers lingering in your nostrils.

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