10 Must Haves for an Ultimate Study Space

Studying is much more effective and fun if you have the right setup.  Your own dedicated study space is kind of like having your own tiny office.  You can decorate it the way you like,  add the learning tools you like and set up your environment to suit your specific disciplines so you can get an optimized learning experience each and every time you hit the books.  Here are the top 10 must haves for an ultimate study space for young and trendy students:

10 Must Haves for an Ultimate Study Space

  1. A good desk

A desk that is too small, slim or low will give you a creak in the neck all the time.  The wrong desk is also horrid for posture and can result in a lot of back and neck pains and aches.  Invest in a good desk that has enough space for all of your electronics, your stationery as well as enough space for your books.

  1. Office chair

An office chair is worth every penny you spend.  These chairs are incredibly comfortable which means you will be much cozier when you sit in front of your books for long hours and office chairs enable you to adjust the height so you can promote your posture.  Office chairs are also specially designed to promote blood flow through your body even as you sit for long hours on end.  Check out what is new on Office Chairs Only and have a look at some of the best office chairs that you can get for your study space.

  1. Desk lamp

A desk lamp is great for shedding some light on your challenging writing assignments, especially if you are working until late into the afternoon.  You can move the desk lamp wherever you need light the most.

  1. Stationery storage

A messy desk will definitely discourage you from learning.  Invest in a good stationery storage solution where you can stock up on all of your writing gear.

  1. Stationery

There is nothing more annoying than struggling to find a pen only to end up with one that doesn’t write properly.  Good stationery is an ultimate study space must have.

  1. Calendar

Get a nice and big calendar against your wall so you can pen down important dates, make notes and keep trend of your studies.

  1. Storage solutions

One of the latest study space trends involves creating a desk by using filing cabinets to prop up a counter.  The filing cabinets are great for storing away your goods like handbooks and you can adjust your setup according to your needs.

  1. Whiteboard

A white board is absolutely fantastic for penning down some notes you want to go through later on or for taking memos.

  1. Inspirational section

You will definitely need a bit of inspiration for when you get tired.  Print some inspirational quotes and frame them on your wall.  These quotes are great for motivating yourself to study and can be useful for decorating.

  1. Coffee warmer

A hot plate to keep your coffee warm can be glorious for winter studies.

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