Find Employment Shortly After Graduating With These Tips

Everyone will tell you that good grades and a good education is all you will ever need to land a great job.  But in truth you need a lot more than that, especially when you don’t have any working experience at all.  Most employing companies will give preference to candidates that have good work experience simply because they are already settled into working hours, they are already used to following rules and regulations, they know basic work conduct and experience gives you valuable lessons that no book will ever provide.  It can be terribly tough to convince a company that you are worth employing when you have absolutely no working experience.  How do you convince them to give you a chance?  How do you prove to them that you can apply theoretical information in practical situations? Well, here are some tips to remember when you are nearing your final exams and want to start looking out for a good job.

Find Employment Shortly After Graduating With These Tips

Ask for advice from HR companies

HR companies specialize in connecting the right people to the right jobs.  They are constantly working with employers and candidates and they know exactly what companies are looking for when they are considering applicants.  HR advice is just what you need when you are creating your resume, when you are practicing for interviews and when you decide on what to wear for interviews.

Your resume is incredibly important

You can have the best qualifications in the world and still won’t land that great job if your resume is bad.  Different companies value different types of skills and information.  Construction companies, for example, don’t care much about your personal appearance but considers your personal strength and skills.  Fashion industries will pay special attention to your look when considering your application.  It might be wise to consult with your HR Company regarding the best information to put on your resume so you can create a short resume that targets your best skills.

Practice interviews

Yes, you feel like a complete idiot to practice for resumes but this is the best way to boost your chances of landing that perfect job.  Get a parent, friend or even teacher to act as a recruiter and to ask you some of the most frequently asked interview questions as well as a few unexpected questions to teach you to cope with pressure.  Recording your practice interview can also be great because you will be able to see whether you look professional, nervous, elegant, sluggish and more which will enable you to correct these mistakes.

Send your resume to these companies;

HR companies – The quickest and best way to find employment is to send your curriculum to an HR company.  These companies will apply to all matching job opportunities on your behalf and they can look for the best and most suitable opportunities for your skills and qualifications.

Recruiting websites – Lots of recruiting websites enable you to apply for various positions and even create a virtual resume that interested employers can view online.

Create profiles on freelancing sites – Freelancing is a great way to get some valuable experience even though you haven’t landed a contract position yet.  Look out for freelancing websites and create yourself a good online resume so you can start working and earning an income while you wait for the perfect opportunity.

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How College Students Can Take Care of Their Health

College students are always swarmed with lots and lots of educational responsibilities – exams, assignments, quizzes, presentations and what not. In addition to that, they also need to balance their social life and relax at the same time. With so much to do, students often tend to overlook their health which can end up becoming a problem in the long run. Here are some health tips tailored specifically for college students:

How College Students Can Take Care of Their Health

  1. Balance work, relationships and relaxation: It might appear as though schoolwork is taking up all your time, however in the event that you monitor your timetable, you’ll presumably find this isn’t as serious as you thought it seemed to be. What are you doing with the time available to you? Is it accurate to say that you are investing a lot of energy in socializing, or are you not socializing enough? Which of those things do you require at this moment?
  2. Get enough rest. The “pulling an all-nighter” is a horrendous cycle–the longer you delay sleeping, the harder it is to complete what you’re doing and get the opportunity to rest. Be that as it may, undersleeping can have subtle side-effects in the long run as well as clear ones, and coffee is not the solution. Plan your weekends in such a way that you are home and ready to sleep for at least 8-10 hours before you need to wake up; it’ll make you an effective and a happier student.
  3. Eat well. The ‘eating less calories’ industry needs to make adhering to a good diet a significant point; the best thing you can accomplish for your psychological well-being is to eat enough–but not very much–and not to eat excessive basic carbs. School grounds give healthy, protein-based nourishment choices that you may look past while in transit to the bagels and pasta. A substitution or two consistently may improve things significantly.
  4. Have a healthy sex life. School hookup culture and easygoing sex can be a solid articulation of a sound sex drive. Different circumstances, individuals can get compelled into it out of a feeling of a feeling of rivalry, or to fit in. Venture back and take load of what you truly require out of your sex life. Make sure you visit a doctor regularly to prevent STDs. While choosing a doctor, check to see if he/she is enlisted with True Health Diagnostics. Their testing laboratories offer accurate diagnosis, management and prevention of diseases.
  5. Conform your environment. Environments and places can go up against a considerable measure of importance in somebody’s think, for good or for bad. Numerous students have a “study spot” that they go to like church; sitting in a specific corner or room helps them complete their homework twice as quick. What’s your “productive spot”? Is it in a dormitory with two or three companions? A peaceful library? A swarmed eating corridor? Sitting out in the sun? Take a tad bit of your leisure time to investigate your grounds, and take notice of how better places make you feel.
  6. Work out. Many people truly would prefer not to hear this one, and a daily running regimen isn’t for everyone. In any case, in case you’re spending your entire day sitting in a seat, that will poorly affect your physical wellbeing. Have a go at remaining at your work area, going for normal strolls, or burning through 15-20 minutes at the gym a couple times each week. Give yourself health goals that you want to reach. When you get into the habit, it’ll become much easier for you.
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Students Have a Right to Vote

When students attain the legal age to vote, it is their right to vote. That is because they deserve leaders that can look after their rights. Leaders that can present and solve their grievances. In this article, we are going to take a look at the voting process for new voters in the U.S.

Students Have a Right to Vote

Register as a Voter

The very first step is to register to vote. Depending on the state that a person is from, the requirements might vary. This is because voter registration is not managed by the federal government. In most of the states, people can register as voters online, in person or by filling a form as long as they are qualified and meet the registration deadline. In the event that a voter is not in the state that they registered in at the time of voting, they can complete a Federal Postcard Application so that they can vote in absentia.

Research Political Parties and Candidates

It is good to always be informed if one is going to make the right decision while selecting the right candidates. Many uninformed voters rely on political propaganda and media coverage to make their decisions, and that isn’t always the best. It is good to be informed so as to make knowledgeable decisions.

Knowledgeable of Issues

It is important for the students to know the issues at stake. Whether it is a presidential or city council elections, the visions of the leaders are always the same and in most cases, can be found on their websites. It is important for new voters to review then information and gauge it against their own beliefs on the functioning of the government.

Check State Rules and Regulations

On the voting day, many of the voting centers are open at least 12 hours. This is a flexible period for students, giving them ample time to vote. Although only 35 of the American states require voters to show a photo ID, first time voters that registered by mail have other requirements. According to the federal law, all people that have never voted before are required to bring along a valid photo ID, utility bill, pay stub or a government document showing their names and current address.

Locate the Polling Place

Students that are not sure where to vote should contact their election office to find out. The State election office is the one that assigns the polling stations based on where the voters are based.


States now use electronic voting systems, either optical scanning or touch screens on election day. It is important for students to be knowledgeable of the voting system that their state or place uses. Voters may not have to vote for every office on the ballot, and are also allowed a write-in if the candidate of their choosing is not on the official ballot.

The Importance of High School and College Students

The majority of the voters are students, with the median age in 2011 being 27 according to data from the Digest of Education. Despite that, the census shows that voters between 18 and 29 are the ones that are least likely to vote. This is because they are younger and considered the next generation of voters, carrying a different perspective from the older people. It is important for students to vote because some of the issues to be tackled, such as college tuition, healthcare, minimum wage regulations and climate change could affect them.

National Rights and Rules

  • Age Requirements

All voters in national elections must be 18 at the time of the election. Some states allow individuals who are 17 to vote in the primaries, provided they will be 18 when the general election takes place.

  • Disability Assistance

According to federal provisions, individuals who are visually impaired, unable to read or write, or affected by another disability are allowed to bring someone to provide assistance while casting their vote. A few states also provide curbside voting for voters who can’t easily leave their vehicles.

  • Help for First-Time Voters, Others

Individuals may feel a bit nervous the first time they step into the polling station, but federal law allows poll workers to offer extra assistance to these voters. Voters are also allowed to ask for help if their polling station has installed new equipment since the last time they went to the polls.

More information can be found here. In the meantime, there are various bodies that monitor the elections and the candidates such as Philadelphia 3.0.

Philadelphia 3.0 Agenda

  1. Hold candidates and elected officials accountable for the promises they make, the policies they pledge to implement and the duties they swear to perform.
  2. Report on important political news from City Hall and Harrisburg. Philly Set Go will make sure it is at every important political event, from mayoral debates to City Council meetings.
  3. Advocate for millennials in local and state government to make sure our interests are protected and advanced.
  4. Support millennial aged candidates that champion the issues we care about. These candidates need our support and millennial interests will not be fully represented until millennials win elections.
  5. Get out the vote. Voting is still the most powerful tool in a citizen’s arsenal.

With this information, students that are new voters can now do ahead and vote without the slightest worry. Just make sure that the candidates that you vote for as well researched and are in the same think line as the voter. Voting is one of the most powerful tools that a citizen possesses because it can be the key to better change.

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Tips on Reducing the Cost of College

College can be expensive. In these tough economic times everyone is looking for ways to save money in any way possible. Here are some simple things that you can do to help reduce the cost of your schooling.

One way to greatly decrease the price of your education is to start off with community college. A junior college is much cheaper than a university, but they usually offer the same core curriculum. You can go to a local school for your first couple of semesters and get your basics out the way. This will save a lot of money and you can just transfer the credits to the university you want to attend and finish all the classes needed for your degree. If you are unsure which specific classes transfer, the counselors even keep transfer plans for all the major universities and can help you out.

Tips on Reducing the Cost of College

If you attend community college you may even be able to stay at home for an extra year. This will help with the expense of housing. If you decide to go to a college that is not in your hometown you can still save by looking for nearby apartments or rent houses. With a couple of roommates these are usually much cheaper choices than dorm rooms which can get pricey.

Another place where you can take a lot off your total costs is textbooks. New books are very expensive. Used books are a much better choice. Some colleges even hike up the prices of their used books, so if possible you should ask around and find out if someone has taken the class before. They may be able to make you a deal on their used books. You may even be able to find the books you need on the internet for cheaper. Be sure to always double check that you are getting the right book because sometimes classes may be using a newer version of a book with the same title.

If you are in certain degree fields you may be able to reduce you tuition by interning. Sometimes companies will pay part or all of your tuition if you work for them. A good example of this is working as a teacher’s aide. When you are working as an aide, while you are going to school for your teaching degree the school district will usually pay for your tuition. There are programs like this one for a variety of fields. Your college counselor will have more information about the ones that are available in your area.

Finally, no matter how attached you are to your pet, you might have to leave your beloved dog or cat with your parents while you go and study. According to a leading cat training website, cats will not get mad at you when you leave for a while – they’ll just be happy to see you again!

Following these simple tips can greatly reduce the cost of college. This can give you an advantage in today’s hard times.

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Smart Casual and College Life

Nothing is important in the life of a student as having a personality and image that other college mates admire and aspire to having. In spite of your financial status, you should have fun in your college life just like other students.

One way of achieving that is by investing wisely in your choice of clothing. Always wearing torn or out fashioned clothes, can lead you into stressful moments since you do not blend comfortably with your mates. Hence, the need to choose smart casuals as your best alternative to clothing to ensure you are not left behind by your peers.

Choosing smart casual outfit can be as important as having a healthy diet or the alternative to luxurious things such as cars. Besides, you can command more respect while working on a small budget since smart casuals have a way of refining your image in a simple yet unique manner.

What is more, it is a nice entry point for students who would want to join politics since you can stand out in a simple way. Besides, smart casuals could be the best alternative a student has while considering taking your loved one for a date. Thus, consider having a look at the following steps for you to make the best choice for that smart casual look.

Smart Casual and College Life

Step one: finding out the basics

Though students have little to look out for, it is important to get the basics right on what is expected of them. For example, get to know the school policy on matters concerning dressing and the specific tutors’ preferences on matters concerning clothing. Such information, though minute, could get your small favors with the administration and earn you respect among your peers.

  • Thus, first consider getting blazers and nice sweaters that are within your budget and those that give you an exceptional look.
  • Secondly, get yourself nice durable shoes that can last for a while to avoid getting embarrassed with torn shoes in the middle of a semester.
  • The third aspect to consider is getting you some button-down shirts. Whether short or long sleeved, shirts have a special way of announcing your presence.
  • Finally, consider having several pairs of chino trousers to match with shirts, shoes, and blazers for an outstanding appearance within your budget.

Step two: Evaluating Occasions

As a student, you have many functions to attend, hence the importance of evaluating each event individually. For instance, when you are attending a conference where you are likely to meet potential employers, it would be important to wear fairly formal smart casual dressing. Such a look is likely to draw attention that is likely to be of benefit to you. What is more, attending games events would require you to be less formal.

Step Three: Dressing up or down for an occasion

Thinking of wearing a blazer for a games event would be termed as an overdressing. Also, avoid wearing matching clothes to avoid appearing like the best man at your friend’s wedding. Thus, carefully choose your clothes and especially your choice of shoes to ensure you do not end up getting mistaken for what you are not.

Most importantly, choose clothes that do not expose much of your flesh to ensure you still maintain a positive image of yourself in college. Let people know you for all the right reasons and know for the wrong reasons that give the wrong impression of yourself.

Step four: customizing your look

While it is important to follow the steps above, always add your touch of style into the mix to ensure you appear exceptional. Do not shun away from rolling your sleeves or having a color combination that says best of who you are.

Nothing will easily give a story of your character like the combination of your clothes. Thus, give your touch of style into your dressing without fear.

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How Busy College Students Care for Their Dogs

Many college students live outside of dorm rooms while they manage their studies. Sometimes this means living at home with their parents, and at other times it could mean living on their own. But, no matter the exact circumstances, many college students choose to have a dog as part of their home life, and that is certainly an important responsibility.

So, how does a busy college student ensure their dog is well taken care of? By making sure these basic needs are met at all times.

How Busy College Students Care for Their Dogs

Food and Water

All dogs need regular access to food and constant access to water. In most cases, college students who own dogs will be home at least once every day. During that time, it is fairly easy to do a quick check and make sure that the food and water dishes are properly filled and, if either seems too low for that time of day, they can be quickly refilled.

However, if a college student intends to be gone for more than 24 hours, it is wise to have someone else check in on their dog to make sure these basic needs are met. Otherwise, their dog could be in pretty rough shape once they return.

Bathroom Breaks

Another area where a dog’s needs must be met throughout the day is in regards to bathroom breaks. Often, if a college student is only away for part of the day, it is easy to make sure they dog have enough opportunities to relieve themselves throughout the day. Similarly, if the house has a dog door, there may be no significant need to be concerned about their accessibility to the outdoors for such purposes.

However, if they will be unattended for long periods of time, it may be wise to enlist either the help of a friend, family member, or neighbor to make sure they are let out often enough, or the college student might need to look into the services of a dog walker.

One benefit of choosing a dog walker is that they can make sure the dog is able to go outside to use the bathroom while also providing them with much-needed exercise and time to socialize. This can help make sure your dog is comfortable throughout the day as well as provide methods for burning off any excess energy.

In fact, some people take it a step further and bring their dogs to doggie daycares, facilities that function similarly to daycares for children, but instead focused solely on the needs of our four-legged friends. Not only do these businesses make sure they are able to get bathroom breaks, but they also manage feeding, watering, and exercise. Additionally, the dog is often able to interact with other dogs, providing much needed socializing time throughout the day.

Special Needs

While the needs listed above are the most common requirements a dog has, each animal is different and may need more support. For example, some dogs need medication to stay healthy, and it is critical that is given at the right time.

When creating a care plan while the student is away, it is important to consider everything the individual dog needs to have a happy and fulfilled day, and do whatever is necessary to make that possible.

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Why Controlled Watering Systems Is a Must for Campuses

A garden is a must for every campus, college and university.  Gardens gives these institution a much more lively and respected vibe because everything looks a lot fresher and healthier when you have a beautiful garden.  Students also need a beautiful garden space to help them deal with stress and to give them somewhere to relax and get a bit of fresh air during break times.  But gardens cost a lot of money and they do take a lot of time and effort to keep up if you don’t have the right watering system and the right type of plants.  Perth TLC services & irrigation is just what every campus, university and college needs because this fantastic company comes out to the institution to access and calculate the exact watering needs for lawns, trees and flower beds.  They can then install a completely hands free watering system that automatically waters these gardens when student’s aren’t on the institution grounds.

Why Controlled Watering Systems Is a Must for Campuses

They save a lot of money

These controlled watering systems save a lot of money because no water is wasted when plants are watered.  The systems only provide the needed amount of water on a daily or bi-daily basis depending on your garden’s watering needs.  You also save a lot of money on hand labor since no one is needed to water plants and lawns.

These systems save time

The systems are terrific for saving time because with timed and calculated irrigation you can give less water more frequently which will enable the garden to dry off before study times.  You also save a lot of time since everything is completely automatic and does not even need the push of a button or water timing to work.

Better care for your plants and lawn

Plants and lawns flourish when they are given just enough water on a daily or bi-daily basis.  These watering systems are designed to give just enough water to encourage good and strong growth without causing root rotting due to too much moisture. Your plants will never wilt and the systems can be adjusted according to the seasons needs to compensate for high and low rainfall seasons.

Consider a borehole on campus

A borehole can be a great idea for any campus.  If your college or university has their own borehole you never have to struggle with faltering water pressure when the town or city watering systems aren’t up to speed.  You can also provide gardens with more natural, chlorine free water that is great for boosting stronger and healthier plant growth since there are fewer chemicals in natural water and plants actually need untreated water since they flourish on all of the natural metals and plant materials found in natural water.  An onsite borehole can also save you a lot of money in the long run because you will pay a lot less for watering rights than you will pay for water usage on the property.  Borehole systems do however need a rather large startup investment because you will require a pump, tank and other accessories for your borehole.

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How College Students Set Up and Support a New Club

Part of the college experience includes enjoying a variety of clubs available to students. While there is often a wide selection to choose from, your ideal club offering may not currently exist at your school. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up on your idea of a preferred club. In fact, all you may need to do is start the club yourself.

How College Students Set Up and Support a New Club

Starting a Club at College

Many students are surprised to learn that they can actually start new clubs on campus. In fact, the process isn’t even that difficult and most schools are supportive of many unique club ideas. Your first step to starting a new organization is to confirm that a current club doesn’t exist that meets your needs. Most universities have web pages displaying every offering on campus, so take the time to examine the entire list.

If you don’t find an official club that covers your preferred subject, you will need to reach out to the appropriate university office. Typically, this will be the office of Campus Life, Student Activities, or something similar. Then, work with them to determine what paperwork is required and what other aspects must be prepared before you can submit for full approval.

Often, you will need to gather a minimum number of prospective starting members and create a general design for governance. You may also need to create a functional set of rules within a charter, as well as appropriate bylaws and create a working name for your organization.

Attract New Members

Whether you can advertise for new members at a college event or if you have to find your own mechanisms, there are multiple ways to get started. First, see if there are appropriate bulletin boards throughout the campus, such as at student centers or the entrance of the library. This gives you a place to post flyers in highly visible places.

You can also branch out into something a little more unconventional for initial advertising. For example, you can create custom clothes at T-Shirts Ninja. Then you and other prospective members can wear them around campus to help drum up interest. This is also a great way to show cohesiveness amongst members as you are all clearly identified and is incredibly helpful during large college events.

Schedule Your Meetings

Once you have your members and everything is approved, you can start scheduling your meetings. This allows club members to get together on a regular basis to manage club business and further your group goals. This includes setting meeting times as well as securing an appropriate space. For some groups, the location is less relevant if specific resources aren’t required. However, if you need spaces that offer particular features, such as access to equipment or tools, then the task of finding a location may be more challenging.

Depending on the nature of the organization, your needs in this area may vary from those of other clubs. This means you may need to adjust the frequency and duration of your meetings if you determine your needs aren’t exactly what was originally anticipated.

Over time, you will be able to better predict your operational requirements once things have been moving forward for a while. However, it is important to document any known procedures so that, in the future, when the organization is run by other students after you graduate, you know everything has been prepared to help them succeed.

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Love The Trees? Then Perhaps You Should Become a Tree Surgeon

There are tons of different career paths to choose from these days and you can make a success from just about any profession or business if you just have the right motivation.  Most students always go for high paying jobs that require many years’ worth of studying, lots of sacrifice and a lot of money.  There are a lot of students that aim for high paying jobs but sadly not everyone that aims for these good positions will get a job because the position availability in these areas is sometimes quite rare and a lot of students will give up on their chosen career path because the commitment, time and expense of high paying careers is often just too much, especially if your interest and passion doesn’t lie in one of these departments.  The world need average workers like secretaries, plumbers, gardeners and miners just as much as it needs these high paid experts.  By now you have probably heard a number of times that money cannot buy happiness.  Just take celebrities for example.  How many of them have to use drugs and alcohol to be happy?  If your aim is too high then change your aim because happiness is everything.  As a tree lover you too can find happiness in becoming a tree surgeon.

Love The Trees?  Then Perhaps You Should Become a Tree Surgeon

Tree surgeons save trees and homes

Tree Surgeons WA saves a lot of trees each and every day through their pruning and tree relocating services. When trees close to houses get too big they are incredibly dangerous because a storm or root rotting can easily lead to the tree falling over and causing a lot of damage to buildings.  Through regular pruning, the trees are a lot more resilient against storms and homes are a lot safer which greatly prevents the removal of trees by home owners.  The tree surgeons also save trees by relocating the trees in more suitable areas and by handling infestations and tree diseases so trees can once again grow healthy and strong.

Tree surgeons have dangerous jobs

It is hard and dangerous work to climb to heights to get trees trimmed.  A tree surgeon has to know what he is doing or he could end up making a terrible mistake that could lead to injury or even death if offcuts falls the wrong way.  Because tree trimming is so dangerous, tree surgeons are also saving a lot of people from personal injury when they offer their services.

Sometimes your job is also sad

Sadly, not all trees can be saved and sometimes a tree surgeon has to remove some trees to make room for new buildings or in cases where some tree species have been labeled a pest.

Check out a professional tree trimming company

If you want to find out exactly what tree trimmers do then you can check out some tree trimming companies like Tree Surgeons of WA.  This company specializes in trees and they have all the best machinery and gear to trim or chop trees as safely as possible.

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College Students and Their Mobile Devices

It is probably easy to ascertain that nearly every single student in college owns a cell phone. But what might be more astounding is that they don’t consider it rude to employ the use of that cell phone while sitting in class. In fact, studies have revealed that 92% of them admit texting at least 11 times throughout the day, while in class. So, what else do we need to know about college students and their mobile devices?

The research points to the fact that cell phones are a distraction for students while they are in class. But, that doesn’t stop them from purchasing the newest Samsung J3 and a flip case wallet cover from Izengate. In fact, they can find all the information they need on the newest phones on the market while on that site. And then, once they have made their purchases, they are going to keep right on texting one another in the middle of class.

College Students and Their Mobile Devices

What’s Wrong with Cell Phones in Class?

Probably the first and foremost answer should be a simple one. It is rude. Texting someone while the professor speaks is like talking in class. Yes, you might be making less noise, but you are still ignoring the individual talking to you, the one imparting wisdom to you. And, that’s not acceptable even if the disrespect is a silent version.

But, if respect doesn’t make you reconsider your behavior there is a broader answer. Namely, human beings are not wired for the chore of multi-tasking. As much as we would like to claim otherwise, the truth is, we don’t do it well. Something always gets the lesser of our attention and therefore suffers because of it. In this case, it will be your grades.

If you don’t believe us, look at these research results based on those who did the most texting during class:

  1. They took lower quality notes. (Learn more about taking good notes.)
  2. They retained less information.
  3. They did worse on tests.
  4. 80% of students admit that using their phones in class decreases their ability to pay attention.

The results aren’t just applicable to cell phones, but other devices as well. And, this isn’t a “victimless” crime. Research shows that people sitting in the vicinity of those who were multi-tasking on laptops and cell phones did worse on tests as well.

What’s Good about Cell Phones in Class?

It wouldn’t be prudent to only illuminate the cons of this side of the debate. Therefore, we have constructed a rather brief list of the good things about having cell phones in class. Here is that list:

  • Poll Everywhere (learn more it here)
  • Learning Catalytics (read about this)
  • Maximize student engagement with apps like those suggested.

Overall though, we have to admit that we just can’t validate the positive side of allowing cell phones in class. Yes, we understand that sometimes there are extenuating circumstances in which you need to be sure you can be reached no matter where you are. However, that should not initiate your desire to disregard the professor’s lecture by playing on FB, Candy Crush, or simply chatting with your friends via text. If you must have your cell phone in class, be sure it is on silent and then keep it in your pocket. You will be alerted when it vibrates should there be an emergency.

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