How to Make Your College Spring Break Unforgettable

Spring break is a college tradition recognized throughout the world. It provides an excellent opportunity to put your academic worries to the side and have a little fun. And, since spring break only comes around once a year, why shouldn’t you make the experience completely unforgettable. If you want to elevate your vacation, here are some great ways to make it a truly memorable trip.

How to Make Your College Spring Break Unforgettable

Spring for First Class

While first class airline tickets aren’t cheap, they can certainly make your trip more comfortable. Not only do you get more space to spread out, but you may also get a real meal and free drinks. To make it even better, the handful of first class seats often have their own bathroom, so there is no need to get up and wait in line at the back of the plane.

If your flight is particularly long, going first class can certainly get things off to a great start and make the end all the more relaxing.

Upgrade Your Ride

Whether you intend to rent a car or simply need a ride to and from the airport, consider upgrading these experiences as well. For example, luxury car services like MGCLS Car Service can be a significant upgrade over a traditional taxi and most Uber’s. And, since you can plan them in advance, they can be there ready and waiting as soon as you need them.

If the rental car counter is part of your trip, then consider upgrading your reservation to something a little more comfortable. Most economy cars are small and can be uncomfortable. And, if you aren’t used to being the smallest vehicle on the road, can make getting passed semis pretty intimidating. Instead of trying to get up to highway speeds in a car that has more in common with a golf cart than anything else on the road, consider upgrading it a level or two. Yes, it can be more expensive, but if you plan on spending a decent amount of time on the road, you’ll be happy you paid the difference.

Pick a Great Restaurant

Even though spring break is normally more about the party than anything else, consider treating yourself to one spectacular high-end meal. Find a place that sounds appealing, make a reservation for the first or second night you will be there, and give yourself a chance to enjoy a truly luxurious dining experience while you check out your destination city.

If you aren’t sure where to go, consider checking sites like TripAdvisor or Yelp to get some ideas. Look for places that truly represent what the local cuisine is all about for an experience unlike anything you’ll find when you head back to school.

Book a Great Room

If your college dorm has left you sleeping in a twin bed for months on end and you’ve grown tired of the community shower environment, consider choosing a hotel that offers rooms with king beds and nice bathtubs. That way, once you’re done partying for the day, you can come back to a great room, have a relaxing soak, and stretch out while you sleep. Even if you don’t spend a lot of time in the room otherwise, those small indulgences can help elevate the experience to something truly unforgettable.

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Understanding Politics as a Student

Students usually have a lot of things to think about. If you are a student, your primary concern now may be the projects that you are supposed to finish as well as your assignments that need to be submitted at the soonest possible time. You may not have any time for politics anymore because aside from school, you also have to think about your social life. If you are a student and you are being advised to study politics, you may not understand why you need to do it in the beginning. As you get older and you become exposed to the harsh realities of life, you will begin to understand just how important it is.

If you would like to have easy access to different news about politics, you can easily check out Philly 3.0. This is a site that talks about all the details that are related to politics. Whether you would like to know more about about the different people who are making a difference in the world of politics or news and campaigns that may change your future forever, you can find the information through the website.

Understanding Politics as a Student

Here are some tips that will help you understand politics better:

  1. You can always start by listening to what your professors will tell you about politics. There is a big chance that you will be exposed to different lessons about politics depending on your course. When you listen to your professors, you will find yourself understanding different details regarding politics.
  2. Do some researching on your own. Perhaps you would like to learn about the politics of a specific country for example, your country. You can read more about the type of government you have and the different things that the working class can get so far.
  3. You can learn more about politics in general when you watch the news. There are some people who dislike watching the news in general because they have a tendency to become depressed with the different things that they learn in the process. When you watch the news however, you become more updated about current events.
  4. Search for the words that you do not understand. While you are researching about politics, you will come across some words that are generally hard to understand. Knowing what these words mean will give you an idea about the different terms that are always used in politics.
  5. It will also help if you will search about the different politicians. It will be your choice if you only want to search for the politicians in your country or you would like to search for other well known political leaders in different parts of the globe.

You will come across some politicians who became elected into position and became powerful not because of their good deeds but because of their personal political ambitions. You will also find some who truly changed their country in a good way. By doing this, you will have an inkling about what qualities can make a political leader good or bad.

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The benefits of coffee for students

Everyone is under the impression that coffee isn’t very healthy. This is not the case however. There are a few reasons why we shouldn’t drink too much of it however there are many health benefits to drinking coffee. This does not mean that you have to have 10 cups a day but a balanced dose will do you well. Not only is coffee loaded with antioxidants it is also filled with beneficial nutrients that will actually better your health and make your study times a little easier. Here are a few health benefits of coffee.

Everyone loves drinking coffee to give them a boost. This really works because coffee actually improves your energy levels and makes you smarter. With the stimulant caffeine travelling from bloodstream to brain it blocks an inhibitory neurotransmitter called Adenosine. Your dopamine levels rise which leads to a happier, healthier and more intelligent you. In various trials it has been proven that coffee actually improves your brain function. Your memory, mood and energy levels are better with faster reaction times. Click here to read more about the history of coffee.

The benefits of coffee for students

Did you binge on takeaways when you moved away from home? No Problem!  It is said that coffee is also known to be a fantastic fat-burner. You don’t have to use dangerous chemicals to aid you on your fat-loss path. Coffee actually boosts your metabolic rate and this wonder drink actually increases fat burning. The long-term effects will however diminish. Instead of buying every diet supplement on the market you should have more coffee to get rid of all those unwanted pounds.

Take a look at Bluetiger Coffee which offers you a great selection of coffees that can be delivered to you anywhere. There are so many different types of coffee to choose from. Roasters from every city that will just give you that kick required to face class after a long night of study. You can even have a free tasting session which will give you the opportunity to choose what you really like. The convenience of having our favorite hot drink delivered is just too good to pass on and you can order a variety of healthy snacks along with your coffee. Making delicious filter coffee is an art and even if you have the best machine it is hard to get that delicious aroma. Why not order in?

Caffeine can also drastically improve your physical performance. It stimulates the nervous system and makes you feel like you have the power to take on another day. Riboflavin, Manganese and Potassium are some of the vital ingredients in coffee that will make your body a bit more responsive to life. It is also a fact that your brain gains a bit of protection because coffee helps prevent early-onset dementia and Alzheimer’s. Coffee also has a positive effect on the liver because caffeine is a natural fat-burner it is great to help with a fatty liver. Click here to read more about the benefits of coffee for your liver.

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Cocktail Recipes for the College Student

As a college student, you tend to stress over different things. You may stress over the projects that you have to give on time. You may stress about your roommates as well as the different classes that you have to take. At times, you may even worry about the fees that you have to pay in college and you cannot help but compute when is the next time that you are going to have money so that you can pay the dues.

Making a cocktail may not be the first thing on your mind but there will be moments when you would like to relax and having a cocktail can be a good idea. If you would check Micropub Staffordshire, you will see that there are different types of ales and beers available. You can become inspired to check what they have to offer. Most likely, you will find some that you would like to imitate from your dorm room.

College Cocktails for Students with Limited Budgets

There may be some things that will stop you from making elaborate drinks. For example, you may not have your own refrigerator at your dorm room. Perhaps you may not have the right place where you can create various drinks. If in case you are having a hard time making a drink, you may choose to just drink beer but if you want something different, here are some recipes that are worth checking out:

  1. Fat Frog

If you would like to have a drink that tastes similarly to Skittles, you know that this may be the best drink for you to try. You may need various alcohol pops that are brightly coloured. Mix three different types and you will have a very sweet and easy to do student cocktail.

  1. Sangria

There are a lot of students who love drinking this when summer is almost near but you can prepare and drink this anytime and you will not be disappointed. You just need some red wine, lemonade, a few peeled apples and of course, do not forget the ice.

  1. TVR

This may not be the best drink to serve if you are not sure about the health condition of the other students who will also drink but for sure, you will feel hyper and different when you drink this. You would need vodka, Red Bull and just a little bit of tequila in order to make this drink. You have to be prepared though that this may not taste as nice as you would like it to.

  1. Gin and Tonic

If in case you want something very simple, you can make use of gin and tonic together. You do not need to have pen and paper just to remember the ingredients. You simply need gin and tonic and a few lemons and limes.

  1. Cherry Cola

You already know that cherry coke is not exactly popular but there are a few people who actually like it. If you would like to make more people like Cherry Coke, you can take it to a whole new level. Mix vodka, cherry Sourz and coke together.

Now that you have various recipes of cocktails that you want, you can simply make them whenever you want to.

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Reasons to study for a career in politics

A career in politics is quite prestigious and it is most certainly not meant for everyone. The first question you should ask yourself is do I have what it takes? If your answer is yes you might want to direct your studies in the politics region. There are many degrees that are focused on this area that will only strengthen your chances of becoming a politician or campaign manager. There are also a lot of benefits that you will enjoy after completing your studies. The best part about studying in this direction and choosing a career in politics is that you can complete an internship which will give you practical experience which is necessary to get an actual paying job in politics.

Reasons to study for a career in politics

First of all you will be gaining transferable skills. You will learn how every political system works and everything you need to know about communication and the theory of politics. These are all skills that you will be able to use in many avenues of your life. Your studies will also include a very interesting topic which is international studies. This opens up a lot of doors for political students. By learning about all these important titles you will find that there are many career opportunities available to you. Click here to read more about subjects and skills presented by a degree in politics.

During your studies you will also learn about the great politicians of our time that include famous and influential people. Read more about Mark Dubowitz, the director of the foundation for defense of democracies. He is a very influential man that supports a great movement against terrorism. Other great politicians will become your teachers in the form of study material. This is what motivates students to be passionate about something and to pursue a career in politics.

Politics does not stand still and is ever changing which means your subjects will always be interesting and informative. You will earn about new things every day. Your studies will not be boring with the same syllabus that has been used for years gone by. You can also combine your degree in politics with another field of study that you feel passionate about for example Politics and Economics. The opportunities are really endless. You might even want to take your study abroad which is possible as Politics is a very international field of study and you can tailor your degree according to your travels. For the first time you will gain an international perspective with our specialist chosen field of study. Click here to look at great universities for studies abroad.

Studies in politics will give you the opportunity to enjoy a multicultural environment with its huge international scope. You will also be able to gain good graduate prospects. Many students that select a degree in politics end up in successful positions and usually get a job within 6 months of graduating. So there really is nothing bad about this field of study!

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Baby Science Your Professor Probably Doesn’t Know About

Sometimes it feels good to know more than the professor. And, since you are in college to garner all you can from his/her extreme knowledge, that opportunity is pretty rare. Even if your professors are parents, there are quite a few new scientific discoveries they probably haven’t heard about. So, if you are taking an anatomy and physiology class, or one focused on developmental psychology, these tidbits of trivia could help boost your grade.

By the way, if you are a new parent still trying to conquer your degree, we would recommend that you invest in a diaper pail. You will want one that controls odors and holds a decent amount of nasty diapers. You will be able to ascertain the most important things to look for when purchasing a diaper pail via the link included above. Disposing of those stinking diapers will make studying for school a lot easier and it may increase your ability to remember the trivia we have included in this piece.

Baby Science Your Professor Probably Doesn’t Know About

Baby Science to Shock the Professor

Sure, college is all about gaining information and experience from those who are far better educated than you are. However, sometimes it is pretty cool to throw out some baby science to shock the professor. You will look like an invested student, and that can’t hurt your grades. Take note of these interesting developments:

  • Obesity and biological age. Scientists have discovered a link between a mother’s obesity levels and the biological age of her newborn. In fact, they are saying that children born to obese mothers are biologically older than those born to women of average weight. You can read the whole piece by clicking this.
  • Babies of opioid users are less attractive. It’s a small study, but it suggests that people think babies born to opioid addicts are not as cute as those born to non-addicts.
  • Marijuana smoking during pregnancy is not linked to birth risks. That should be great news for a lot of college students. You can read that article right here.
  • Baby stroller head injuries are on the rise. You would think babies were safe in their strollers, but that is apparently not the case.
  • Zika may be linked to a rare birth defect that harms the joints. Great information in case you didn’t have enough to worry about with the potential of a Zika infection thanks to too many mosquitoes in your area.
  • Women are waiting longer to have their first baby. This is interesting because if you happen to wait to have a child after 35, they tell you that you are of advanced maternal age and that makes you feel incredibly old.
  • Kangaroo-style care is good for a newborn’s health. Holding your baby in a skin to skin manner has been shown to aid in better health. It may decrease the potential for SIDS. Learn more about it.
  • Babies born prematurely are on the decline in the US. In fact, the percentage of babies born prematurely has dropped to a 17 year low!
  • Children born via C-section might have an increased propensity towards obesity. This study suggests that there’s a tie between obesity and C-section births. Read it if you are interested.

Armed with those 9 pieces of baby science, you might be able to shock your professor. And, if you have taken our advice, you will be able to do it without the scent of old diapers lingering in your nostrils.

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Practice Tips for Music Students

Being a music student can be overwhelming, but taking out the time to practice music can make your efforts all the more fruitful. Here are some practice tips that can help you make the best of it.

Practice Tips for Music Students

  1. Set goals for your practice time

One of the least effective things you can do is go into your practice room and simply take a seat and begin playing. Keeping in mind the end goal to benefit as much as possible from your time, you have to make an arrangement with reference to what it is that you have to and need to finish in that time. Would you like to memorize a piece? Do you have to take a shot at the breath stamina of an especially troublesome expression? In the event that you go into the practice live on account of a goal, you will be engaged and motivated to achieve that goal.

  1. Keep a practice diary

Keeping in mind the previous tip, when you set your goals, note them down and afterward when you are done practicing, check whether you achieved your goal or not. On the off chance that you didn’t, think about why.

  1. Break up your practice time into smaller segments

Your instructor may state that you should practice three hours a day. Yet, that doesn’t imply that you need to secure yourself a practice space for three hours in a row! Practicing viably requires constant focus and attention and that can be exceptionally exhausting. In the event that you break that three hours into three 1-hour sessions, you will be more engaged in every session and utilize your time all the more viably. This is likewise instrument particular in light of the fact that while a piano player may have the physical stamina to play for two hours in a row, that is not suggested for an artist. While practicing music, the best thing to do is to listen to some. Check out crosley reviews to make the best purchase if awesome sound quality is what you are really after. Whether it’s a turntable or a phonograph, antiques are the best.

  1. Keep in mind that practicing is NOT just about playing through your music

Yes, positively there will be times when you are get ready for a performance and you have to play through your whole piece to check retention and pick up stamina. Be that as it may, during the time spent learning and culminating a piece, playing through your piece from start to finish can really prevent your progress. Culminate small segments of your piece and after that string a couple of small segments together to make a more drawn out area.

  1. Repetition is critical

With a specific end goal to bring an end to what you have started, you have to accomplish something the right way 100 times. So every time you miss a note in a specific music section or note, you will need to repeat that note the right way 100 times! Split vast sections up into smaller ones and repeat them effectively until they become a part of your memory.

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The Best Gifts to Get Your Mom-To-Be College Friend

Babies can sometimes happen at the most unexpected times.  No one has the right to judge a college mom or dad whether their precious little ones were accidental or planned because everyone has a different journey, different reasons and different challenges.  And just because your college friend is now a parent does not mean that they have to give up studies at all.  Plenty of young parents make a huge success out of their life despite having their hands full while caring for their kids.  But all college parents can use a bit of help and a good gift for the new mom to be is the best type of help you can give.  Here are some of the best baby gifts you can give to help make the load of raising a baby just a little bit lighter.

The Best Gifts to Get Your Mom-To-Be College Friend

Diaper pail

A diaper pail is a great gift because the new mom can maintain a cleaner and odor free environment for her baby without all the hassles of taking out the trash after each and every diaper.  The baby nappy pails are incredibly simple to use and you can use regular kitchen bags inside it.  The steel pail with rubber seals is specially designed to seal away any nasty smells.  Diaper pails can hold up to fifty diapers and the lid slides open smoothly so mom can toss diapers easily and without pinching her fingers.

Diapers & wet wipes

Diapers and wet wipes are the best gift to get any new mother because babies use so many of these items.   Diaper gifts are the best because mom can test all the different types of diapers on the market without spending as much and it’s a gift she will definitely use.

Baby clothes

Babies grow incredibly fast.  Their clothes only fit for about three months which means mommy will need a new wardrobe every three months.  And just a few sets is not enough because she needs body vests, cool sets, warm sets, going out sets and pajamas. Plus a little one can easily go through up to five sets of clothes when those teeth start to cut.

Baby blanket

A baby blanket is always handy, whether you are using it to keep your little one warm, for a shield against the wind and rain to let little ones enjoy a bit of tummy time on the lawn.  Blankets make beautiful gifts and are always a welcome addition to the gift package.

Medical kit

Medical gear like nail clippers, thermometers, vapo rub, cotton swabs, surgical spirits and basic baby medications are also a good idea for your baby package.

Bathing essentials

There are plenty of wonderful smelling baby bath lotions, powders, bum creams, shampoos and more that every mother would love to get as baby shower gift.

Educational toys

Educational baby toys are often too expensive for college mothers to afford.  Any educational toys you can add to the gift pack will be much appreciated but fisher price toys are known for their exceptional quality and benefits.

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Wood Carving Lessons and Tips for Art Students

When it comes to art students, many tend to be interested in classes that teach about woodworks especially wood carving.

Starting Woodcarving

Carpentry Carving includes having the correct apparatuses, additionally learning right system and have the correct wood for any activities. Once appropriate strategy is found out it requires investment and practice to ace them.

Wood Carving Lessons and Tips for Art Students

Guidance for a New Wood Carver

Make sure you have the right tools which are well sharpened. They cut perfect, even contrary to what would be expected on the off chance that you are cautious. They are likewise more secure to use than dull ones, since you apply more force and that is when things begin to slip and slide and chomp you. In this way, figure out how to practice and use them appropriately first. Utilize woods that are easy to cut so you can take in the fundamental procedures of cutting without fighting the material, that would be Basswood. Become acquainted with the mechanics of wood. Comprehend grain and how it can help you or go against you. Figure out how to do your own particular outlines, i.e. figure out how to draw a bit. You will be the envy of every other person on the off chance that you can make your own particular unique plans. This is additionally something you can offer in the event that you wish. Make sure that you pick the right axes to help you cut as well as carve wood. Check out to go through the various varieties of axes that are available and purchase the one that is best suited to your needs.

Cutting for New Wood Carvers: Chip Carving

There are numerous ways for wood cutting for apprentices to begin. Chip cutting is the most famous system to begin wood cutting for tenderfoots in light of the fact that an amateur can make delightful bits of wooden art pieces as it is quick, simple, and easy to learn, requiring just a couple of tools. This procedure can be utilized to carve out boxes, chests, utensils, furniture, or anything wooden you might want to spruce up. The initial step is to pick an example to begin chip cutting. The hardest piece of chip cutting is drawing the example onto the wood. A straightforward approach to get an example is to discover one on the web and tape it onto the wood to cut over. The example should be correct so you ought to take as much time as necessary ensuring everything is right and don’t surge it. A straight edge, compass, and pencil ought to be used to make your sample.

Skills for the New Wood Carver

Cutting by hand is both an ability and an art. Why an individual carver chooses how they will cut a piece clarifies why there is such assortment in completed piece. Recognizing what you need to achieve in your carvings will help with the strategy you use to get the work wrapped up. Try and register for classes that can help you ace these skills.

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Great TV Shows You Can Watch When You Take a Break from Studies

Watching TV is always a good break from studies.  You can snuggle comfortable on your couch with a cup of coffee and have a few laughs.  There is no need for you to get dressed, spend a dime of your money or travel.  You can simply lounge in your most comfortable outfits and enjoy a bit of quiet time with just you and your furry friend.  Spending time alone can be good for you because you can truly be yourself without a single worry about being cool and you can watch whatever you like.  TV shows are a great source of entertainment and watching old family shows is a great way to reconnect with old memories of your family life.  Here is the top TV shows you can watch when you take a break from studies.

Great TV Shows You Can Watch When You Take a Break from Studies

 7th Heaven

This family show is a bit of a blast from the past but still one of the best family shows ever created.  Stephen Collins plays the role of the reverend Erik Camden.  He has seven children that each continuously faces different challenges that he has to do his best to cope with.  7th Heaven is a terrific show to watch if you miss your family because the show is so realistic and, well, family life like.  People of all ages can relate to the show because there are family members of all ages and they all deal with real issues that we face in real life.

Game of Thrones

This is one of the most intriguing TV series ever created.  The show is basically about wars between kingdoms. All Game of Thrones fans are constantly chewing their fingernails whether they are waiting for the next show or busy watching the show.  One of the main reasons why this show is so unexpected and deviant is because the writer, George R.R Martin is so secretive when writing the fantasy novels.  The actors don’t even know when their characters are going to die.  If you love a show that is filled with twists, turns, shocks and raw adventure then this is definitely the best show to watch.

The Big Bang Theory

This is one of the most watched TV shows of 2016.  The Big Bang Theory centers around five characters from California who share an apartment.  What makes this show unique and different is the geekiness of all of the characters.  Their comments and arguments are often hilarious and the things they are up to offers great entertainment.  This is definitely a great show to watch if you need a good laugh.

The Walking Dead

Who doesn’t want to watch a show about a zombie apocalypse and a few survivors who battle it out to stay alive?  The Walking Dead is also one of the most watched TV shows of 2016 and will definitely get your mind off your stressful studies when you take a break.  Thus far there are 8 seasons to this show and still more to come.  The series started in 2010 and is still incredibly popular.

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