Best Guns for College Students

When you go away to college, you enter a new world that is quite open for people of all walks of life. This means that there is a distinct possibility you will need to know how to defend yourself. Obviously, you can invest in some beneficial self-defense classes. But, you might also want to consider the best guns for college students as well.

The guns in this list are phenomenal when it comes to considering home, and self-defense, options. Certainly, you will need to ensure you adhere to the rules and regulations on your campus. Most of them have rules prohibiting weaponry. But if you choose to live off campus, you will have the option to own personal defense tools.

Best Guns for College Students

Top 7 Guns for Self Defense

This list is certainly not all inclusive, and many people will gladly argue their positions on certain guns and brands. However, this list should serve as a marvelous starting point in your gun search. Your college years are definitely a time to enjoy, but do so with some protection in hand. So, without further ado, check out these top 7 guns:

  1. AR-15- We put this at the top of the list knowing full well that you probably won’t need this one for college protection purposes. But, you might want to go hunting on your winter breaks. If that’s indeed the case, you will need to investigate the best AR-15 scope to add to the hunting repertoire.
  2. Stoeger Coach Gun- These were used by stagecoach driver’s way back in the day. These guns are powerful and simple and very effective. They come in 12 and 20 gauge varieties. The Stoeger is easy to use, it’s a side by side shotgun. It will be quite ideal in tight spaces (like your college apartment). Click this to learn more.
  3. Smith & Wesson J Frame- The police have used this gun for decades. Varying calibers are available. It is quite accurate and pretty powerful. You can customize it with after-market grips so that it will be the perfect fit for our hand’s comfort.
  4. X-26 Taser- We know this isn’t a gun but we also understand that some people are really uncomfortable with the idea of employing deadly force, even if it means their own lives will be saved. However, its 15 foot buffer zone will employ a nearly equivalent blow. Learn more.
  5. Taurus Judge- This revolver is quite possibly the most popular one in the US. A well-placed shot will hit multiple parts of the body. The bad guy will certainly hit the ground after this one.
  6. Ruger 10-22- A hugely popular, perhaps best-selling, gun that is not nearly as powerful as some of the others mentioned. However, a vital organ will have a hard time telling the difference between a .22 and any other penetrating shot. Read more.
  7. 1911- Probably the most transformational gun on our list. This one has a lot of options and accessories. It is specifically designed for the customizability your college idealism desires. And its short trigger makes it simplistic to shoot.

Guns are not toys, and though you’re going to have a lot of fun times while in college, it is essential that you take every precaution necessary to be safe. Take a gun safety course before you ever own a weapon.

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Inspiration for Interior Design

Everyone chooses their field of study but sometimes we lose focus and inspiration which makes it almost impossible to excel. This does not mean you have chosen the wrong course. It is most probably a temporary thing that you can get through. Studying in any creative field is a dream for the aspiring fashion designer, artist, writer or interior designer. It is however normal for any student to need a bit of inspiration to remember why they chose the study field that they are in. Studying isn’t always fun and sometimes we need to discover the roots of the career we are studying for in order to appreciate the opportunity we have. There are various ways to stay inspired and keep yourself motivated while studying. By taking the smallest step you will be more inspired in no time at all. Read more about ways other famous artists use to find their inspiration.

Inspiration for Interior Design

An artist date

Schedule a weekly excursion where you take part in a project like painting or writing. The trick is doing it for the fun and not as part of your studies. This will make you realize why you love doing what you are doing and why you should persist and complete your chosen field of study. Your artist date can also include a purchase for example new paint brushes or paint. It is completely your choice, as long as it is related to your art and creativity.

Visit a gallery or read a book

Whether you are a writer or an artist you will feel inspired by admiring masterpieces of other artists or writers. Realize why you wanted to pursue this field of study in the first place. It is an easy excursion seeing that most galleries offer free entry. By reading your favorite novel you might be completely inspired to get rid of your writer’s block and have the guts to get that overdue essay done. There are so many fantastic masterpieces like Van Gogh’s starry night or anything done by Monet where just the brush strokes will get you painting.

Admire the expert’s work

If your career choice is Interior Design you should look up the works of Juan Pablo Molyneux, one of the best and most respected interior designers. Known for his work in New York and his beautiful townhouse interior you will be able to get loads of inspiration to work hard and become the Interior Designer that you have always wanted to be.

A nature excursion

There is such a thing as cabin fever and unfortunately the symptoms are horrific for any artist. It is necessary for creative people to get in nature to be inspired. There is something about being away from the hustle and bustle that is somehow healing for your body, mind and soul. So if you find yourself between four walls with your hands in your hair get out as soon as you can. Click here to read more about the benefits of nature.

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How to determine if an Education in Legal Studies is Right for You

Many students find it challenging to decide what educational path is right for them, especially with so many options from which you can choose.  If you are considering pursuing a degree in legal studies, there are a variety of ways to discover if it may be the ideal discipline for you.  Consider looking into these opportunities to see if your interest holds firm.

How to determine if an Education in Legal Studies is Right for You

Take Some Introductory Courses

Most degree programs require students to take electives in order to complete their hours.  Luckily, an elective can be any class you wish.  These requirements are designed to allow students to explore various areas of interest regardless if they are associated with their major.

So, how are electives useful for determining if you are considering the right major?  It gives you a way to explore introductory courses without having to full commit to the degree.  For example, you can take a course based on providing an introduction to the legal system.  If you find the class intriguing, you can apply it to the legal studies major to help you towards your degree.  For those who take the class and discover it isn’t the right area for them, the class can qualify as an elective, which can be applied to any degrees elective requirements.

Speak with People Working in the Field

One way to find out more about a particular career path is to take time to talk to people who are currently walking it.  If you are considering a career in law enforcement, see if you can speak to local police officers about what the job is like.  Similarly, you may be able to contact a local law office, like the one here, and get more information about the demands of the job.

If you can’t find a person to talk to specifically, see if there are any professional organizations that may be able to help.  College and university instructors who teach on the topic may also be able to provide insight.

Become a Volunteer, Intern or Entry-Level Employee

While not all professionals will have a need for volunteers, many social service organizations and charities are thrilled to have volunteers.  Legal aid offices may be able to introduce you to what life is like when you are providing legal services to those in need.  Smaller law firms may appreciate help with administrative tasks, and can be a wealth of information regarding how to work in the field.

If you are currently enrolled in a legal studies degree program, you may be able to work for a business in the legal field as an intern.  While this may require you to be fairly well into a degree program, it can help you determine the kind of work you want to pursue once you have your degree.

Some larger legal firms and social services organizations may have entry-level positions that do not require a specific degree in order to work there.  For example, office and administrative assistants may not need to have college degrees in order to be hired as long as they can demonstrate the necessary skills to perform the duties of the job.  This can serve as an introduction to the field without having to make any commitments regarding your education.

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Importance of Sports and Playing Games for Students

The significance of games and recreations in school envelops more than just the advantage of physical movement. Increase in self-confidence and mental activeness make school games and recreations important for each school age kid. In spite of the fact that the advantages of school games flourish, with a declining economy, numerous schools are removing sports and physical training projects – which is certainly not a good idea.

Importance of Sports and Playing Games for Students


As indicated by Theodore Hesburgh, write of “The Importance of School Sports and Education,” it is basic for school age youngsters to participate in games and similar physical activities. Not only does it help in empowering youth and increasing their self-confidence, it additionally motivates students, helps them work harder in order to achieve good grades, particularly in schools where getting certain grades is a prerequisite to take part in sports activities. Various physical advantages include keeping up a sound weight, having a stronger immune system and taking in the abilities important to keep up a healthy way of life once they have graduated.


Encouraging physical activity ought to begin from the nursery room, as per Jean Zimmerman and Gil Reavill, writers of “Bringing up Our Athletic Daughters.” Promoting games as a parent is a significant component in figuring out if your kid will be keen on partaking in games. Playing with your child, whether tossing a football or baseball with your child, or showing your little girl how to swim, shows them the significance of being active and dynamic. Empowering your youngster to take an interest in a game of their decision might be the reason they keep on playing when they enter school. For all you know, buying them good bags for field hockey sticks might end up becoming the reason behind them growing up into top-class field hockey players.

Some Warnings

A few youngsters don’t view themselves as athletic and might not prefer to take part in sport activities organized in or by the school. They might be cut from the school group for not performing up to mark. For this certain group, there are intramural teams, which are games for those not intrigued or ready to play more serious games. It is critical to remember in these cases not to make your kid feel gravely about not being a higher level sports player or competitor, but rather to remember the more imperative advantages of playing games, and support them in this attempt.


With an extremely tough economy, numerous schools are cutting spending for games and sport programs. Due to the numerous benefits of games, it is very important to proceed with the athletic projects accessible to youngsters. As a parent it might be important for you to become more involved on the school board to have a say in regards to keeping athletic projects and in fact, increasing them with the passage of time. Urging your kid to talk up about their longing for games may likewise influence whether your school keeps their games or removes them due to financial constraints.

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College Gear and Gadgets

It’s time, the fall is upon us and students are gearing up to return to college if they aren’t already there. When it comes to preparing for college, there are some must haves for every dorm room and attendee. But, if you don’t know what the coolest gear and gadgets are, you might be behind the times when you return to university life.

First things first, though, you have to get the right backpack and you can do that right here: They’ve got minimalist backpacks, canvas bags, laptop bags, roll-top backpacks and a variety of other options. You’re sure to find a backpack to fit your style and college course requirements (something that can hold all your textbooks and gadgets).

College Gear and Gadgets

The Gear and Gadgets You’re Looking for

Now that you’ve determined which backpack is best going to fulfill your needs, it’s time to learn everything you can about the latest gadgets calling your name. And there are some really cool ones. Some for productivity and some for entertainment. So without further ado, check out this list of must have gear and gadgets:

  • Pivot Power Surge Protector- You’ll need this to power and protect all your new found gadgetry. It’s got five feet of extension and six outlets. But the coolest part about this essential bit of gear is its ability to bend so that all your weird shaped plugs can fit too.
  • Nimbus Smart Dashboard- You can customize the four dials in this pretty amazing piece of techno genius. It can function as your alarm clock, the provider of your social media and email updates, even your Fitbit stats. Learn more about it here.
  • Fitbit Flex- Since we mentioned your ability to get the stats on your Nimbus Dashboard, we figured we should include the Flex on this list as well. College is notorious for potential weight gain so keeping track of your travels with this wearable fitness gadget might be worthwhile.
  • External Hard Drive- You never know when your computer might crash. And, yeah, we are putting all our important docs and pics in the cloud these days, but is that really smart? Who knows when that cloud might dissipate? Or precipitate and rain out all your data? Yep, that’s a good reason to back-up your docs and images on an external hard drive.
  • Bluetooth Coffee Maker- With the assistance of the WeMo App you can get that coffee brewing from the library. That way, when you get back and have to stay up all night to continue studying, the fuel you need will already be within reach, and taste.
  • OtterBox Resurgence Case- You’ll be running around like a college student with no direction on a pretty regular basis. Jogging from one class to the next, barely time to do anything but eat and study. So, purchasing this protective gear for your phone will add that extra battery life your hectic one will require.
  • Smart Notebook- Created by the ever popular, Evernote brand, it’s a classic Moleskine notebook but with a bit of an upgrade. You can pair it with the Evernote App and transfer your handwritten notes to digital form. There are organization and sharing options available through the app too. It’s pretty incredible. Click this to learn about this newfangled gadget.

College is the place to learn new and life changing things. You might as well employ some great gear and gadgets as well. And if you need more suggestions, read this.

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Creating the perfect study space

To study effectively you need the right study space. Clutter in your study area is distracting and will keep your mind off your work. By creating the right study space you will automatically gain the right mindset and improve the results from your studying because your space will suit your person learning needs. You only need the right equipment, organization and a schedule to reach your full potential with your studies. Here are a few great tips that will help you create the perfect study space.

Creating the perfect study space

The ideal space for you

Determine and assess whether you want a silent room where you can focus better or if you prefer having a bit of background noise or music to concentrate better. Find the space that is most suitable in your home for your study. Make sure the temperature is comfortable, too hot might make you sleepy and too cold might be uncomfortable.  Hardwood floors create ambience and will give you a warm and cozy study environment. So take a look at the for tips on keeping mom’s hardwood floors well maintained to create the perfect and cool study environment.

The essentials

Set yourself up right with the right desk and a comfortable chair, not too comfortable because you need to have the right posture and be able to stay awake during your studies. Also get hold of a reliable and updated computer. Be sure to set up your desk area so that your wrists, neck and everything else is comfortable as you will be spending a lot of time there. Click here to read more about desk posture. Make sure you have sufficient lighting in you study area to avoid too much strain on your eyes.

The sound barrier

If you are the type of person that requires silence during study you would need to inform your family of your study times so that they can keep it down. If you are the type that likes a bit of music invest in a couple of instrumental albums or nature sounds apps. Your family needs to keep you in consideration but it doesn’t have to be an inconvenience for them either.


Keep your desk and your study area organized at all times. There are people that believe their organized chaos is crucial for successful work but it is not good to have too much clutter on your desk as it will be distracting and might cause you not too focus on the task at hand. Take the time to clean up your study area every day after a session.

Time keeping

Keep a wall clock mounted above your desk to make sure you are sticking to your schedule and that you are taking sufficient breaks. It is important to rest up during study sessions to keep your mind fresh and engaged.  Read more about the best study schedule.

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Easy Activities to Relieve School Stress

Being a student can be a stressful time for many.  Whether you are dedicated solely to your studies, or are juggling a variety of other obligations as well, having activities planned to reduce stress can be beneficial to your overall health and wellbeing.  If you are not sure where to start, consider these options for finding productive ways to manage stress.

Consider an Exercise Program

The benefits of exercise go well beyond the physical.  Regular exercise can be a powerful way to relieve stress in any form and regardless of your current condition.  One key way exercise helps alleviate stress is through the increased production of endorphins, a feel-good chemical in the brain.  When levels increase to certain levels, some people will experience what is commonly referred to as a runner’s high, which can be obtained through any form of exercise that is strenuous enough.

Regular exercise can also improve your mood through increased self-confidence and by lowering the negative effects associated with mild depression or anxiety, which may be fairly common amongst students.  Additionally, it may promote a better quality of sleep, allowing you to feel more adequately recharged in all of your activities.

Easy Activities to Relieve School Stress

Start a New Hobby

Hobbies can also decrease stress levels by promoting relaxation and general enjoyment.  The nature of the activity is not as relevant as the personal enjoyment it creates, making a wide variety of activities appropriate.  For those who are looking for indoor activities that do not require much space, knitting or cross stitching may provide a nice outlet and has minimal starting costs.  Others may enjoy building or painting models, or even completing jigsaw puzzles.

For those looking for an outdoor activity, hiking and gardening are excellent choices.  These activities also perform double duty as hiking can also be a form of exercise, and gardening can be used to grow fresh produce.  For those looking to also help lower their carbon footprint, creating your own compost for the garden is an easy place to start.  If you don’t want to construct your own compost container, check out the Soil Saver compost bin as an easy starting option.

Take Time to Relax

While completing work on hobbies can be relaxing, other traditional relaxation options can also be used.  Some students find a significant benefit in regular meditation.  For those with less time, simple deep breathing exercises can decrease feelings of stress and anxiety, and can be performed almost anywhere.

For some, time spent socializing is relaxing, especially when the time can be spent face-to-face.  Not only does this help confirm the security felt by having a solid, reliable social network, it can also lead to participating in other activities that you enjoy.

Many people find taking a bath to be very relaxing, or the use of a heat wrap to help alleviate any muscular tension that has built up throughout the day.  Self-massage, whether by hand, with a massager, or even using a tennis ball, can also help relieve physical tension in the body, promoting overall relaxation.  These activities can be enhanced by adding other relaxing elements, such as soft, soothing music or aromatherapy products.

Practice Being Consciously Thankful

Taking time to review the things in your life that you are grateful can also help lower stress.  This can be done by recording a list of things you are thankful for in a daily journal, or just by taking a moment to think of a few things you feel blessed to have in your life.  Even taking the time to be thankful for something simple, like a beautiful sunny day or a particularly tasty apple can be enough to get your mind moving in the right direction.

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Professional Careers the Don’t Require Four Year Degrees

A lot of people are interested in pursuing more lucrative careers, but they may not be able to invest a full four years into getting a degree.  For people who need to find a quicker option, trade schools may provide the perfect opportunity.  Not only can they provide you with the education and training necessary to step into a new career field, the programs can often be completed in as little as nine months.

If you are open to considering pursuing a field through a career centered program, consider the following areas.

Professional Careers the Don’t Require Four Year Degrees

Mechanics and Repair Services

Everything from automobiles, dishwashers, and air conditioning systems need someone who can maintain, repair, and replace the various pieces of equipment and components.  Opportunities for education around appliance repair, HVAC maintenance, or auto mechanics are often offered through various trade schools and community colleges, and most programs can be completed in two years or less.

These career options can be great for someone who enjoys more physical work and working with their hands.  They may also lead to self-employment opportunities once you have cemented your skills and built your reputation, providing a level of flexibility in how, when, and where you work.

Cosmetology Schools

For those interested in beauty and personal care professions, cosmetology school may be ideal.  You can choose to focus in specific areas, such as barbering or working as a nail technician, or pursue a well-rounded course across the various aspects of the field.  These programs are often designed to be completed in less than one year, and may provide the opportunity to earn an income while you learn.

Once you complete our schooling, you will likely need to obtain your license for the state in which you will be working.  As with mechanical and repair oriented positions, cosmetology skills also lend themselves well to self-employment as you progress through your career.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapists obtain specialty training in order to become licensed to work in their desired state.  Some programs can be completed in only nine months, leaving students prepared to take any required licensing exams and ensuring they have sufficient clinical experience to perform the work in a safe manner that is beneficial to their clients.

Working in the field of massage therapy may require an initial investment in certain supplies, such as a massage table.  People can choose to work out of a variety of environments including clinics and day spas.  Some massage therapists are even able to work from home, providing a high level of flexibility to meet the other needs or demands of their daily lives.  This allows you to choose an environment that suits your needs or personal tastes while still using the same skillset.

Specialty Driving

Whether you are interested in driving a semi or what to focus on smaller vehicles, being able to drive certain commercial vehicles requires special training and licensing.  These skills are most often acquired through truck driving schools.  Not only are these programs concise, allowing you to earn your license quickly, they will also help provide access to the vehicles you need for your on-the-road training.

Aside from standard CDL options, you may also be able to qualify for specific endorsements to expand your career options even further.

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Effective ways for students to save money

Studying is expensive and if you don’t use your money carefully you might struggle to make it at your chosen college. There are so many students that are forced to get student loans, credit cards and a heap of other debt options. It is better to save and think of tomorrow. Getting a part-time job will give you the few extra bucks that you need for pocket money but don’t splurge, rather work well and learn to budget early in your life. Keeping your credit score up and learning about finances as a student will set you up for an adult budget and life.  Here are a few effective methods to avoid sitting in a rut with a zero balance.

Textbooks shouldn’t rob you blind

You don’t necessarily have to have new textbooks. It costs a lot more to buy your books new rather buy secondhand textbooks or rent your books. There are always books available for rent at the college library or you can search online for used textbooks that other students are selling. You might end up paying half of what you would have paid for new books.

Have meals in rather than out

Instead of eating at cafeterias or restaurants with your friends make your own easy meals. There are so many websites that offer advice for first-time cooks to hone their culinary skills. Make eating out a treat and limit it to a couple of times a month. Click here for some great student recipes.

Effective ways for students to save money

Keep your credit card for emergencies

It is incredibly easy to swipe a card but things can get out of hand pretty easily. The best way to tackle it is by keeping your credit card paid up. If you really need to use it pay it up as soon as you are able to. There are too many students that finish their studies and end up with a heap of credit card debt. Read more about keeping your credit score up.

Transport options to save more

Instead of paying for maintenance or fuel for your own car take a walk, ride the bus or use a bicycle. You will do your part for the environment and save a lot of money on travel costs. By cycling and walking you will feel healthier and perform better, get some good old Vitamin D.

Flight options when visiting home

When visiting home look up a few options, shop around for cheap flights. There are so many fantastic websites that offer student rates and great flight options to get back to mom and dad at a very reasonable price. Always spend more on the trip than you would on the journey.

Always shop around for student discounts

You are a student, take advantage of the perks. There are so many stores that offer student discounts. Look around for every saving you can make, this should be for groceries and entertainment items. Don’t pay double for luxury items, opt for the cheaper ones.

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Which field of study appeals to you?

Studying further is a privilege and an informed decision should be made about the field of study that you choose to pursue. There are various methods of determining where your interests lie. You could complete various internships or just research a few career options to narrow down your choices. A lot of students decide on a career path that they think is ideal for them but turns out not to be. This could lead to a financial loss and a lot of time wasted. For this reason it is important that you choose the right field of study that is both realistic and something you can pursue all the way. If you are not that keen on studying further after school you can look at becoming an entrepreneur. There are various options available for you that will not cost a fortune to get started for example becoming a specialist in pest control. There are now revolutionary and less intrusive products available for example that will give you the upper hand when marketing your services. Complete a couple of career tests here to aid in your decision.

Which field of study appeals to you?

If you have a knack for numbers you might want to look at one of the best and most lucrative fields of study, accounting and financial, read more about it. With a career in the financial industry there are various diplomas or certifications you could select for example:

  • Registered Tax Practitioner

Tax season occurs every year and for this reason there is always a huge demand for tax practitioners. Completing individual or business taxes is quite an intricate process and for that reason industries and individuals prefer to have a licensed practitioner complete their taxes annually. This type of practice will require you to be registered as a tax practitioner with your national tax governing body.

  • Certified Junior Bookkeeper

This field of study allows is a shorter course and with a nationally recognized certificate you will be able to fill various duties as a professional junior bookkeeper. You will be able to handle payroll functionalities at businesses and also have access to financial statements and transactions done by individuals and businesses. Once a diploma is received you will be considered as a registered junior bookkeeper.

  • Certified Technical Financial Accountant

When obtaining this diploma you will have full accountancy rights, in other words your main duties will involve handling the accountancy side of Closed Corporations or individuals that require your services. You will most probably be employed as an Accounting Officer, this direction of study will include various software packages and more detail on income and expenditure, balancing financial statements and just about everything in relation to accounting. This is also a Certified Diploma.

There are so many fields of study to choose from, find something that you are good at but also something that you enjoy. Everyone chooses a sometimes unrealistic career path when they are young, who knows, perhaps you still want to be a nurse or a fireman as a grown up. The decision should be yours and not influenced by anyone else. This is your future and the path you take will have to be walked by you.

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